Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

This is the voice of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin


Why is this juvenile delinquent is still employed? This is what the Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin posted on Twitter today.  I hope Democrats are proud of their spokesman:

tweet #2 (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

tweet #3 To spare the fake outrage, I recant Medicare Tweet and abhor all violence, including the violence against seniors denied health care.

tweet #4 Joking about Republican historical animosity toward Medicare was as tasteless as saying “Obamacare.” I’m deeply sorry.

So he makes a call to violence and then jokes about it.  What kind of sick bastards are running the Democratic Party, and why do the rank and file put up with it?

What do you think Democrats would say if some Republican official said, “Today is the anniversary of the start of income tax withholding. Punch a Democrat.” Do you think Democrats would stand still for it? Or would it make the newspaper?

And if you think this isn’t typical of Zielinski, the rest of his tweets are almost as obnoxious and certainly just as juvenile. There is no way in a sane world Zielinski should still be employed.


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