Saturday, November 25th, 2017

This isn’t like misplacing the car keys


Tom McMahon found this in the Chicago Tribune:

Fred Turner did not need to look at financial statements to know McDonald’s was in trouble. He could taste it.

The man who worked alongside founder Ray Kroc to turn McDonald’s Corp. into a global colossus, Turner noticed when penny pinchers at corporate headquarters changed recipes to cut costs. So when McDonald’s cheapened the famed “special sauce” on its flagship Big Mac sandwich, Turner knew.

But it wasn’t until a new CEO brought him back from retirement 18 months ago to help lead a turnaround at McDonald’s that the now 71-year-old Turner learned just how deep the trouble ran.

McDonald’s had lost the recipe to the special sauce.

They found the recipe by finding an old supplier. Now they need to bring back the french fries with the beef tallow.

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