Sunday, August 25th, 2019

This week’s idiot politician of the week


What a slow week and what a tough choice. Who could possibly have been the idiot of the week for last week?

Was it New Berlin Alderman Bill Moore?

Highways only provide a means of transportation to one segment of society: those with enough money to have a vehicle. And so we put more money into providing transportation options for the people who already have money, leaving the poor relatively stranded. The objective of government should be to help spread the wealth around, to make life just a little easier for those without the wherewithal to have just a little bit better life. Putting money into more lanes while the mass transit situation in southeastern Wisconsin is among the worst in the world is an abomination and ignores the equality clause of the 14th amendment. We still have not learned the lessons of the Civil War.

Wow, what an idiot. And any other week, we would be laughing hysterically.

Nope. There is no suspense this week at all, is there? Dave, could you please reveal this week’s idiot politician?

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