Monday, August 26th, 2019

Throwing the two-wheel tarmac


Run for your lives! The bicycles are invading!

The response was so much fun from the first ride through Milwaukee’s bicycle path plan, I had to revisit the issue this week for the MacIver Institute.

I wrote that the Milwaukee By Bike plan was a needless expense, it created unrealistic expectations of increased bicycle usage, and it would actually hamper automobile traffic because of its insistence to make bicycle and auto traffic equal in priority. Despite my standing athwart the expanded bicycle trails yelling, “Stop!” only Alderman Joe Dudzik voted against the plan.

Silly me. I would have thought spending that kind of money so the East Side of Milwaukee can ring the little bells on their yuppie Treks would be considered a wasteful luxury.  Given how quickly this plan passed, the city of Milwaukee must be flush with cash.

Unfortunately, because of space limitations I could not report last week on the plan creating “a dedicated $450,000 budget to be used to fund bicycle and pedestrian programming in Milwaukee” within the Department of Public Works, and the addition of a full-time employee and some interns to work on the bicycle plan.

If you are someone who wants to put government on a diet, the bicycle plan adds a few glazed doughnuts to the budget.

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