Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

TID amendment reconsidered and Sunset Homes loan killed


Well, it only took two meetings. The proposed loan to Sunset Homes condominiums that was to be backed by the revenue from a Tax Incremental District was blocked Tuesday night after the Common Council reconsidered their action taken at the last meeting. After the motion by Alderman Adam Jankowski to reconsider was approved, the council voted 9-5 against amending TID 22 to allow the loan with no debate.

Alderman Vance Skinner did try to convince his fellow aldermen that the council was not voting on the loan. That is technically correct. There was no loan offer yet made. However, by voting to amend the TID the council was voting to allow city staff to negotiate the loan.

Aldermen Kathleen Cummings and Daniel Manion switched sides to join the majority against the TID amendment. Alderman Andy Reiland also was able to vote against the TID amendment. Jankowski voted for the TID amendment after moving for reconsideration.

It’ll be interesting to see if city staff figures out a way to do a different subsidy of Sunset Homes.

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