Friday, August 23rd, 2019

To hardly know them is to know them well


Thanks to the Waukesha Freeman (and Dean and Huckleberry), I now understand why our aldermanic candidates have not knocked on our door.

Lori Howe just moved to the district to run for alderman. That’s right. She moved to run for alderman. The big aldermanic paycheck convinced her to move from her side of town to our little neighborhood.

I’m guessing she hasn’t knocked on the door because she’s still gets lost easily this far north of Broadway.

Christopher Hernandez is a probation officer for “high-risk” offenders and therefore cannot reveal his address. Yes, it’s a secret agent alderman. His constituents, rather than calling him or knocking on his door to complain about garbage in the streets, will have to instead arrange to send him messages via secret drop-off points, probably in code. In the meantime, he probably has knocked on my door, but since he was in disguise I mistook him for a Hare Krishna.

Meanwhile, neither of them have an opinion about the helicopter flying over my house.

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