Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Tom Barrett’s favorite “news” team takes up the Neumann cause


WISN-TV demonstrates once again that they will take any opportunity to take a shot at Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker without presenting any balance to their reporting. Brendan Conway (yes, that Brendan Conway) followed former Congressman Mark Neumann like a trained puppy dog as he complained about an attack mailer by Walker. Then they watched as Neumann attempted to get Walker to sign a campaign pledge not to attack Neumann without asking any questions.

(I wonder if that was Chris Lato, the author of some rather nasty press releases.)

Conway never mentions that what the Walker mailer says was in the bill. Nor does Conway mention the outrageous attacks by Neumann previously in the campaign. Nor does Conway ask Neumann about the ads running right now attacking Walker for being a career politician, a violation of the pledge Neumann just signed.

WISN-TV should win an award for their coverage – from Tom Barrett.

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