Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Tom Nelson, family man


State Representative Tom Nelson is running for Lieutenant Governor and seems anxious to prove mathematics is not a pre-requisite for the job.

First elected to the state Assembly in 2004, Nelson has worked hard for Northeast Wisconsin families. Representing the Fifth Assembly District, Nelson has handled more than 8,000 constituent cases, visited more than 80,000 families in his district, and attended hundreds of community meetings and events.

Let’s see. Each Assembly district is about 56,000 people. Even assuming 30,000 households, the biggest industry in Nelson’s district must be moving van companies. His district must be the central hub for U-Haul.

80,000 families? That means he’s been meeting 36 or 37 families every single day for the last six years, including Christmas. That’s not doors knocked, that’s families actually met.

“Is that Santa Claus? Darn, it’s just Tom Nelson and a sleigh full of Blue Books.”

He makes the US Postal service look bad. Okay, worse.

At the breakneck pace Nelson is meeting with constituents, it would be a miracle if Nelson showed any impact at all in Madison.

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