Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Tommy can you hear me?


Perhaps this is why Tommy chose not to run for governor.

Former Governor Tommy Thompson is Chairman of a new company, Armada Media, which is buying a string of local small to mid-size radio stations. The company just purchased a group of radio stations in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Armada Media hopes to have 100 stations within two years.

According to, Chris Bernier of Fond du Lac is the company’s chief operating officer and a managing director. The other managing directors are: Jim Coursolle, who lives in Wisconsin; a Minneapolis lawyer named John Larson, John Lynch of San Diego, and Terry Shockley of Madison.

I would imagine the playlists at those stations would be rather limited.

“That was Pinball Wizard by the Who. And now, a special request from station management, Tommy Can You Hear Me? by the Who…”

Maybe they’ll break it up from time to time with “Beer Barrell Polka” and “On Wisconsin.”

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