Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Tommy ties Tammy to Capitol takeover


Former Governor Tommy Thompson is betting that the recall and the Madison protests are unpopular enough to generate some campaign cash. In an e-mail sent out this afternoon, Thompson ties Democratic Congressman Tammy Baldwin to the protestors’ takeover of the Capitol with a new video.


Tammy Baldwin does not want you to see this video. It tells the shocking story of Tammy’s extreme liberalism and leads us to the undeniable conclusion that we must nominate the best candidate to defeat her in November: Tommy Thompson.

If you haven’t seen it – it’s a viral video waiting to happen. If you have already watched this, I can’t imagine how you’d watch it again and feel anything other than fear of hearing the words “Senator” and “Tammy Baldwin” muttered together:

Is this a video of the next US Senator from Wisconsin? There are two things you can do to help make sure this doesn’t happen:

  • First, please forward this video to anyone you know – to make sure they are aware of exactly who the Democratic nominee for US Senate is – regardless of the liberal special interests trying to sell a different story.
  • Second, please consider donating of $50 right now to help defeat Tammy Baldwin.

I am also betting that Tammy Baldwin was shocked too when she saw this video. Shocked to find out that Madison isn’t the liberal’s version of Las Vegas – to paraphrase a memorable line from a recent ad, “What happens in liberal Madison, stays in Madison.”

The madness of Madison protests isn’t the Wisconsin way and the election on June 5th was a loud repudiation of these sorts of antics. Remind Tammy that you haven’t forgotten her style of Madison Madness by donating $50 right now!

The stakes are incredibly high in this election, especially when you consider the risk of Tammy Baldwin becoming Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.

There’s a really easy way to make sure Tammy Baldwin can keep doing what she wants to do in Madison, without any worries about you finding out! Donate $50 right now to make sure you’ll never read the name “Senator Tammy Baldwin.”

We’re half way to our online fundraising goal of $12,000 dollars before Saturday’s second quarter deadline – we need you to help us reach our goal.

In Service,

Ryan Burchfield
Campaign Manager

PS – We are so close to meeting our goal of $12,000 online by Saturday. Can you donate today and propel us to victory over the liberal agenda of Tammy Baldwin, Emily’s list and Planned Parenthood?

(Links to fundraising site removed.)

I don’t know if the video will go viral or even if it’s the video Baldwin doesn’t want you to see, but it is interesting that Republican candidates see the antics of the left in Madison as the gift that keeps on giving – or so they hope.

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