Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Too bad he wasn’t here for macadamia nut


Not that I’m a big defender of Vice President Joe Biden, but this report by WTMJ is absolutely ridiculous.

Vice President Biden Serves Kopps Custard, Calls it Ice Cream
GLENDALE – Yes, that was the Vice President serving custard at Kopps in Glendale today.

Vice President Joe Biden was in town for a fundraiser for Senator Russ Feingold at the Pfister Hotel. He used the opportunity to serve custard at the business whose name he famously butchered last May during a stop at UWM.

Biden was trying to give a real world example about people’s understanding of the economy. He said, “We know that you’re not out having a frozen custard with the family at Kopps worrying about credit default swaps.” The Vice President pronounced it Koops, like the mustard.

He’s now likely very aware of the pronunciation, but made another gaffe when he walked in to Kopps on Friday.

“Where’s the ice cream?” he asked, and was quickly informed by a Kopps employee that they serve custard, not ice cream.

Oh no, Biden said “ice cream” instead of “custard” at Kopps. Next thing you know, he’ll say something really funny. Given the amount of staff that flushes in and out the WTMJ studios I’m surprised they don’t make the gaffe, such as it is, on air often.

By the way, I understand Democratic election attorney Mike Maistelman was in attendance yesterday trying to get his latest copy of Rolling Stone autographed. How’d that go, Mike?

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