Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Too cloudy in Waukesha for the eclipse


The clouds rolled in just as the solar eclipse was starting, so the kids and I rolled east. We went all the way to 27th and Edgerton to a McDonalds where the clouds were just thin enough for the kids to see the eclipse with our eclipse glasses that my wife bought. My daughter Moira took a couple of photos using the glasses as a filter for her iPhone:


Photo by Moira Wigderson

Photo by Moira Wigderson

Across the street from where we were parked, there was an auto repair shop. The guys there were taking turns using the welding mask to look at the sun. At a table near us we saw a mom and her son using their eclipse glasses and sharing them with passersby.

This is really the first solar eclipse since I was a kid that I was able to actually see. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids.


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