Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Town of Waukesha makes the responsible choice


On Tuesday night, the Town of Waukesha voted 3-2 to join the City of Waukesha’s water service area. Supervisor Joe Banske, who was clearly trying to make the right decision while disappointing some of his supporters, voted to join the service area, providing the third vote. For Banske, what finally moved him was the opening of negotiations with Big Bend for sewer service along Highway 164.

For one evening at least, the Town Board had a thoughtful and mature debate about a decision that will affect Town residents long into the future. It was clear that all five supervisors had given the matter careful thought as they respectfully explained their positions.

Now that the water decision is hopefully behind them (if the city accepts the new resolution by the town), perhaps there can be some healing after the professional and courteous debate on Tuesday.

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