Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Trouble in a Ferraro


Former Vice Presidential Candidate and Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro has stepped down from Senator Clinton’s finance committee because of she claimed the only reason Senator Obama is ahead of Clinton is his soft brown complexion.

Of course, the Obama team is not taking it as a compliment:

Geraldine Ferraro stepped down today from an honorary post in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign amid a controversy regarding her comments that Barack Obama wouldn’t be succeeding in the presidential race if he weren’t black.

Ferraro notified Clinton by letter Wednesday that she would no longer serve on Clinton’s finance committee as “Honorary New York Leadership Council Chair.”

Obama has called Ferraro’s comments “ridiculous” and his campaign aides have called on Clinton to denounce the statement.

Given the headaches Ferraro’s family financial affairs caused Walter Mondale in 1984, shouldn’t the last place for Ferraro be on a finance committee? And by the way, given her claim to fame, shouldn’t Ferraro be the last politician on Earth to complain about identity politics?

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