Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Trump supporters might not want to bring up endorsement issues


Donald Trump’s supporters are quickly running to the record to point out that *gasp* Mitt Romney accepted Trump’s endorsement in 2012. Here’s the latest Facebook meme:

romney endorsed by trump

Let’s start with the obvious that it’s one thing to accept an endorsement from a person who has a reputation as a businessman, it’s another thing when the roles are reversed. Trump is the candidate now, and that is how he must be judged, not on whether he endorsed Romney four years ago. Specifically Trump must be judged on his record and on the conduct of his campaign, and it should frighten men of good will across the political spectrum.

But if we’re going to get in a tit-for-tat on endorsements, let’s look at the whole record:

Donald Trump jumped into the crowded and rowdy Republican presidential field on Tuesday, but the business magnate has astutely played both sides of the aisle for years, and has been especially cozy — financially and personally — with Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, the Democratic front-runner and former New York senator who had some say over policy that could have impacted Trump’s vast business dealings, received donations from both him and son Donald Trump Jr. on separate occasions in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007, according to state and federal disclosure records.
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Trump has also been generous with the Clinton Foundation, donating at least $100,000, according to the non-profit.


If I were a Trump supporter, I wouldn’t be talking too much about endorsements.

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