Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27


  • Wausau Daily Herald calls for State Rep Jeff Wood’s resignation. #
  • rt @seanhackbarth Senate Leader Reid Becomes GOP Target in Nevada – | Reid to get Daschled #tcot #
  • rt @deaninwaukesha RT @rascaltweets: Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes? #
  • And my wife thinks stadium scoreboard proposals are tacky and stupid: #
  • State Rep Steve Nass calls on State Rep Jeff Wood to resign, says will try to force Wood from office (@EireGOP) #
  • I see Dan Bice’s clip file for the National Enquirer is complete. I wonder when he starts? Or are their standards too high for him? #
  • Someone complained on her blog about gossip about her on the web. I looked and I can’t find it. I think she’s hoping someone starts some? #
  • rt @nprnews Police, G-20 Protesters Clash In Pittsburgh| it’s those peaceful liberals I keep hearing about – JW #
  • State GOP calls for Rep Jeff Wood to step down, seek treatment #
  • State Rep Jeff Wood’s arrest report What a mess. #
  • Jeff Wood’s problem this time is too much Lorazepam and cough syrup, not booze #
  • In other news State Rep Jeff Wood announces he’ll appoint his bartender his successor in case of enemy attack #
  • rt @WiStateJournal State Rep. Jeff Wood arrested again on suspicion of driving while intoxicated #
  • rt @BOTeleprompter Big Guy wants Internet regulated cuz his Facebook Mob Wars mob hasn’t grown and blames crappy Internet connection for it. #
  • rt @gpittman I so wish this were true: Dallas Cowboys Release Jerry Jones LOL #
  • Kind Not Running for Governor Must mean Tom Barrett is in. #
  • rt @wisgop Democrats block GOP demand for time to read a health care bill and to require a cost estimate before voting! #
  • Sugar buzz imminent. Sugar crash scheduled shortly thereafter. Will drink coffee to try to offset. #
  • A case of King-sized Snickers bars from my secret source at the Mars candy company have finally arrived. #
  • I I injured my left arm somehow. I guess that makes me a true right winger. Why does it always itch where I can’t reach? #
  • – Owen calls BS on the school lunch program numbers #
  • On Sass: #
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