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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11


  • rt @weinzierlmike Cards swept. Yes! I suppose they have myriad complaints re Dodgers celebration! #
  • I actually ate something healthy today. I feel kinda funny. #
  • I liked the Nobel Prize before I heard Rod Serling do the intro. #
  • So I'm looking to write something nice about a politician and he's already out of the office for the weekend. Grrrrr. #
  • rt @WRTL Unless Changes are Made, Catholic Church Will Oppose ObamaCare – #tcot #handsoff #hcr #gop #
  • Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle … Costanza?! Roosevelt, Borlaug, Martin Luther King, Schweitzer … Obama?! #
  • Cool, tasteful, levelheaded comments from the DNC that we've come to expect: #
  • Just bumped into another conservative. Without saying a word we both burst out laughing at Obama's peace prize. It's that bad of a joke. #
  • rt @jaketapper i assume this prize will result in intntl backing for POTUS's efforts on sanctions v Iran, troops to fight al Qaeda, etc Yes? #
  • Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize is like Cosmo Kramer accepting the Tony Award. #
  • Rush Limbaugh to be judge for Miss America, but will he vote for Obama? #
  • rt @brooksbayne one of my swedish friends IM'd me last night about obama winning the nobel peace prize, citing stupid norwegians #
  • rt @eakane1 RT @Misha1234 and others: Nobel committee admits that the reason Obama won the Nobel Prize was for calling Kanye West a jackass. #
  • Just so I understand: the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Elie Wiesel, Lech Walesa, Andrei Sakharov, and Barack Obama? #
  • Maybe the Nobel committee gave it to him because he's kept the Clintons together. #
  • rt @jimgeraghty We'll probably look back on 2009 as a rebuilding year for the Nobel Peace Prize. #
  • rt @LarrySabato Borowitz dissected Nobel Committee's decision; realized it was the beer summit that tipped the balance in Obama's favor. 🙂 #
  • rt @benpolitico not bad @baratunde: In a surprise reversal the IOC has awarded the 2016 Olympics directly to Barack Obama #
  • Liberal writer calls Obama receiving Nobel Prize "farce." I said a different "f" word this morning when I heard. #
  • rt @LarrySabato POTUS should finish "awards" category & give himself the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Let the Hill bestow Medal of Honor. #
  • Can I just say what an arrogant prick Obama is for not turning down the Nobel Peace Prize? Does HE think he deserves it? #
  • Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving a Penthouse letter writer the Nobel Prize for literature. #
  • Le D'oh! It was probably the white flags that threw them. #
  • rt @eakane1 Holloway refers to Scott Walker as both David Duke and Howdy Doodie. Sorry but that doesn't make sense #
  • rt @michellemalkin GOP Rep. John Carter now on the floor introducing Remove Rangel resolution. || Where's Dejah Thoris? – JW #
  • rt @VilasCounty Musky Marathon: as of Oct. 2 Paul Obry of Eldorado has the #1 mens’ released fish: 52’’ caught using a Cisco Kid (Topper) #
  • Column done. Half the jokes on the cutting room floor. #
  • I'm a huge believer leftover birthday cake helps writer's block. #
  • rt @Bill_Dupray Feingold goes Czar hunting, White House flees: Rahm Emanuel arranges delivery of the horse head. #
  • 90% done with this week's column before evening began. Then people started calling me back and I had to toss half of it. #
  • Should I be concerned bookmakers are now following me on Twitter? #
  • The Packers need Chuck Norris. #
  • A Minute ago the Wisconsin State Journal just updated Vikings lead at halftime. That's why people buy newspapers. #
  • rt @dmhwigderson Brett needs to color his hair #
  • rt @BlatzLiquor Worse night of my life. Packers lose to Vikes WITH Brent. Then the 1st person WISN interviews is Gov. Doyle #
  • rt @dandeibert Is it against the rules to wrap Rodgers in bubble wrap? #
  • Well, that was ugly. #
  • rt @steveegg HIRE JON GRUDEN!!! #
  • Heard on the field: "Yo, Aaron, are these your teeth?" #
  • If they're going to blow the whistle when it's "unabated to the quarterback" they need to blow the whistle more often in this game. #
  • I woke up in a foul mood, I'm in a foul mood, and I think we're having chicken for dinner. #
  • rt @BadgerBlogger There is a report that someone was assulted by one of the professional protesters outside of the taxpayer rally! #
  • rt @jimgeraghty Half-serious, is it possible Obama's "Special Olympics" crack didn't sit well with some IOC members? #
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