Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18


  • Anybody else having trouble accessing my site from the UW System? #
  • Just global warm my coffee and spare me the lecture. #
  • BTW, I already made my $300/day online the hard way, so I really don't want to know how you didit. #
  • Remind me again, why didn't I homeschool my children? #
  • rt @lacrossecath RT @InsideCatholic The Fall of Archbishop Rembert Weakland: #
  • rt @RebeccaforReal @kevinbinversie @TWI_news GOP Challenger to Obey Raises $140,000 Can you say "Contract w/America"? #
  • I need someone who can do a simple-but-fun photo shop for me. For free, of course. #
  • Yes you saw me there. I was the good looking one. #
  • A writer's favorite phrase: "We'll mail your check today." #
  • I'm thinking about running for Lt Governor on the anti flip-flop and microwave popcorn ticket. #
  • The only thing that will make me stop following you faster than your commitment to world peace is the story of your body cleanse. #
  • rt @americanpapist Notre Dame funds students to attend DC Gay March, hosts "coming out day" | can they drop "Catholic"? #
  • rt @jimgeraghty Boy, nothing refutes the 'celebrity with no real results' charge like watching the Obamas dance with J-Lo and Marc Anthony. #
  • I'll be @drinkingright tonight. No, really. #
  • I forgot the smiley face. 🙂 #
  • I will be at Drinking Right tonight. I haven't had @NickSchweitzer tell me how being ideologically pure makes him a better person recently. #
  • My daughter is doing her best imitation of the Muslim call to prayer in the bathtub. #
  • Half way done with an article I'm writing. Just need a source to call me back so I can tear up what I wrote and start over. #
  • rt @ToddBrink Words you lose the right to if you are veggie: Bacon, Gyro, Prime Rib, and "That tastes good" #
  • When writing under deadline, cheddar & sour cream potato chips are brain food. #
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