Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08


  • rt @dandeibert about 0% Chance of current version of HC passing Senate. HOR is like a high school student council. Senate are the grown ups. #
  • rt @kathrynlopez wait? can we drink whiskey under pelosicare? just checking. #
  • 20 yrs since I last saw the Accidental Tourist. Forgot how depressing the movie is. #
  • Fell down some steps the other day. It's made sitting down to write difficult. #
  • Just think. I actually get to see my wife this evening. For about two minutes. #
  • I think the Brown County GOP is officialy stupid: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20091106/GPG0101/91106073/1978&located=rss #
  • rt @foxnewsradio Obama orders flags lowered to half staff http://foxrad.io/newscast #
  • My kids like it when I sing like the Bee Gees. #
  • rt @seanhackbarth RT @Senate_GOPs: VIDEO: GOP Leaders: Political Rebellion Going on in America http://bit.ly/2T0Yc9 #tcot #sgp #
  • rt @MacIverWisc Fire bad teachers? Or will WEAC's clout prevent Wisc. from getting federal education $$$? http://tinyurl.com/yfftwl3 #
  • rt @NewsHub The tally of jobs created in Wis. by the government stimulus is filled with errors and inflated numbers. http://ow.ly/zwRm | No! #
  • Sometimes the sarcastic answer is the best answer. #
  • Citizen Cow. #cowfilms #
  • rt @kausmickey Were the MSM's exit polls off–in a pro-Dem direction–again? http://tinyurl.com/yzwzqqr #
  • Scraping the barrel: Cavuto interviewing Gray Davis. Why? #
  • rt @nytimes NYT NEWS ALERT: Christie Wins New Jersey Governor's Race, Associated Press Projects #
  • rt @strongthought Politico declares Christie winner! http://bit.ly/vrRfR #hhrs #tcot #
  • Stand back. I have beer and I know how to use it. #
  • Hey, exit poll leakers. You're falling down on the job. #
  • rt @reppaulryan Transcript of Politico online chat: http://bit.ly/3d3zzV #
  • All the yelling last night has given me a bad headache today. http://bit.ly/nFIvO #
  • Anyone actually opposed to more spending going to tonite's Milw County Board open hearing on the budget? #
  • rt @kathrynlopez Rush: "Dede Scozzafava has just screwed every RINO in the country." #
  • Anybody going to the Milwaukee County Board budget public hearing tonite? What should I expect? #
  • I guess his position evolved. @GovMikeHuckabee Endorsing Doug Hoffman for Congress! #
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