Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20


  • My Christmas lights yard display goal is to have a bigger carbon footprint than Al Gore. #
  • I wonder how many Communists the John Birch Society will find at #CPAC10? #
  • I always liked Howard Dean. I bet he does a great version of "The Immigrant Song" on karaoke nights at the DNC. #
  • Suddenly, I feel a lot poorer. rt @foxnews POLITICS: House Backs $290 Billion Increase in Federal Debt Limit http://bit.ly/6oGKdW #
  • I don't understand. KISS is not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, but they're letting in ABBA? #
  • Now that the John Birch Society is a #CPAC10 co-sponsor, will they invite the Council on Foreign Relations to give equal time? #
  • For the record, the only Birch I like grows in my backyard and makes great firewood. #
  • Two pieces of baklava. My day just got even better. #
  • With the John Birch Society at #CPAC10, even Ann Coulter might be ashamed to attend. #
  • Not a bad day. Just got baklava, and it's not even Greek Fest yet. #
  • You thought Ann Coulter was bad. CPAC is now co-sponsored by John Birch Society. http://icio.us/cwhpmo Complete idiots at CPAC if true. #
  • Racine Journal Times http://bit.ly/7Kg2kR quotes @maciverwisc article dealing with IRA penalty in Wisconsin. http://bit.ly/52UHKb #
  • Anyone have a source in the CBO they would be willing to share? #
  • When is a tax cut not a tax cut? http://maciverinstitute.com/2009/12/congress-just-hiked-taxes-again.html #targetkagen #
  • rt @snowed_in snowed_in: This Dallas Cowboy fan gives Nick Folk's recent field-goal kicking ability a good, solid B+. #bplus #
  • My ability to score with women in high school was definitely a B+. #bplus #
  • At least I know the outcome of next week's game. #cowboys #
  • I am not looking forward to reading the sports in the Dallas Morning News this morning. #
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