Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24


  • My children are singing along with the music for New Super Mario Bros. #
  • I played pong. #howoldareyou #
  • A campaign PR flak just sent me a smiley face. Seriously. #
  • rt @Haudricourt Oakland just lost one of its top prospects because he decided to enter the priesthood. You don't see that every day. #
  • My Waukesha Freeman column on Mark Neumann: #
  • My thoughts on Mark Neumann's run for governor: -neumann-why-now/ #
  • I hear Cuba is lovely this time of year. #
  • # FollowFriday I follow @CandidCarrie because my picture drives her crazy. I like that. #
  • rt @eugene_kane Write it 100 times: If Brett Favre wins Sunday and goes to the Super Bowl, I will not be a hater. If Brett Favre wins Su… #
  • Is Anybody Out There? – Jonah Goldberg – The Corner on National Review Online: Air America had no listeners in DC #
  • The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Special Comment – Keith Olbermann's Name-Calling Too Funny #
  • Health care reform, dead. Campaign finance reform, dead. I'm starting to like the Obama regime. Do you think he was a plant by Karl Rove? #
  • If SurpassHosting can't get my site up and running in fifteen minutes, the terrorists will have won. #
  • On the day I want to write about my new freedom of speech, SurpassHosting has server trouble and my site is down. Ironic. #
  • I wonder if SurpassHosting realizes that my site being down all evening is not good advertising for them. #
  • And the career of Harry Reid looks shorter all the time: #
  • Pelosi: not enough votes in the house for senate #hcr. #
  • I would take Obama seriously if he wasn't such a hypocrite on campaign finance reform himself. #
  • Pretty pathetic. Someone stole @ajbombers sandwich board sign. #
  • Anybody know where Mark Green is, and why isn't he running for Senate? #
  • Now that everyone's interested again, the latest on #hcr from @TomCoburn and Sen. Barrasso live today at 5:00 PM ET #
  • You are now a little more free than you were yesterday. #
  • McCaskill says Dems have been going too far, too fast. #
  • Wish I thought of this first. “41 is the new 60.” #
  • I love how my dog looks around when I call her in from outside. "Who, moi?" Like there's a bunch of dogs in my yard and I'm calling them. #
  • New source of biomass energy discovered. They hooked cables up to Ted Kennedy spinning in his grave. #
  • If nothing else, no Republican will ever fear a visit by Obama during their election. #
  • Oh, the Burn: #
  • Watching the election results tonight is more exciting than online porn… or so I have been told. #
  • I forgot how much fun hitting "refresh" on my browser could be as the election results come in. #
  • Rothenberg moves Mass. race to 'Leans Republican' | Washington Examiner: via @addthis #
  • I will not be announcing tomorrow that I am a candidate for Lt. Governor. #
  • Watching old episodes of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Still better than Leno, Conan and Letterman. #
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