Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14


  • If there are any pictures of me shaking Ed Thompson's hand from today, I want them. All of the prints and the negatives. #afpwi #
  • Walker people everywhere at #afpwi today, including the candidate who had nice words about last @maciverwisc article I wrote. No Neumann? #
  • Herman Cain speaking at the #afpwi summit, getting crowd charged up before lunch. (Awards still coming.) #
  • Justice Prosser now warning against getting rid of elections for judges at the #AFPWI summit. #
  • Lunch is going to be late at the #afpwi summit. #
  • Coffee at #afpwi summit, $2.00. #
  • Stepping outside the #AFPWI convention is like walking on the sidewalk in Vegas the way the candidates swarm you, only not as pornographic. #
  • Scott Walker stopped me to say hello. Can't miss his booth out front. #
  • Paul Ryan joining the #afpwi summit via video. Says we're having more fun here than Obama did at Blair House. #
  • AP reporting 2000 people at the #AFPWI at the Chula Vista resort. If you're here, stop by the @maciverwisc table to say hi. #
  • Pepsi must be sponsoring Grover Norquist at the #AFPWI summit with his rat head in a Coke bottle analogy. #
  • JB Van Hollen speaking to #AFPWI. Boy, did he get a good draw for a Democratic opponent. #
  • Somebody tell @amykant Pat McIlheran likes the website she designed for me. #
  • I shouldn't be at the AFP summit with Brian Fraley. He makes me cynical. #
  • Yummy. Cough drops for breakfast. I'm going back to bed. Somebody wake me when Obamacare has the cure for the common cold. #
  • Suggestion for Girl Scout cookies for next year: bacon. #
  • I can get my son to do tricks for Thin Mint cookies. Roll over, play dead, fetch the newspaper… but he still won't clean his room. #
  • For Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies,the serving size is four. I thought they meant four of those foil sleeves of cookies, not four cookies. #
  • I stopped watching the #Oscars the year Titanic won. "Best Pictures" ended that year. #
  • Dinner at Table 52 in Chicago tonight. Do you think it was okay that I licked my plate? #
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