Friday, October 20th, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28


  • Me: The shark? That's Jabberjaw. My son: You've seen it before? #
  • I would like to thank Governor Jim Doyle and Mayor Tom Barrett for making my commute home impossible. #
  • Life in Oceania, day 5. NPR advances Newspeak. I love Big Brother. #
  • Anyone know where I can rent a spotlight for an hour tomorrow night? #
  • Hugged a tree once. Kinda chafed. #
  • At McDonald's playland. My 5yr old daughter just said to me, "Hey Daddy, I just made a new boyfriend." Kill me now, please. #
  • RT @DonIrvine Megan McCain bans MSM From Speech | She can't be worried about over-exposure -JW #
  • Given this report,, Rep. Jeff Wood's attorney might want to consult this website #
  • The older I get, the less I care about "professional" sports: #
  • rt @affiniahotels Congrats to Art+Soul inside Affinia's Liaison for its RAMMY nomination! | one of our favorites – JW #
  • The great theological question: Is whale sushi okay on Fridays during lent? #
  • Day 2 of IngSoc. Life in Oceania is double-plus good. I love Big Brother. #
  • I have a hang nail on my right big toe. Which government program is going to tell me which doctor I should see? #
  • Government-run health care is already making me sick. #
  • Ending the myth of the pro-life Democrat: #
  • rt @NRCC Donnelly (D, #IN02) caves, will vote for #HCR takeover that doesn’t ban taxpayer funded abortions #
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