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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16


  • Famous last words. My son just said, "Careful? I am Mr. Careful." #
  • New blog post: Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day: A number of readers are checking in today to see… #
  • My kids and I miss their mom tonight, who's visiting family in Ohio. #
  • New blog post: My nominees for the MacIver Institute end of the legislative session awards: Last night I posted th… #
  • New blog post: Awards Time!: The MacIver Institute is handing out the awards to celebrate the end of the legislati… #
  • New blog post: Rove poor choice for state party dinner speaker: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: May… #
  • New blog post: A little Waukesha diet humor: A man from Waukesha goes to see his doctor.
    “Doctor, I don’t understa… #
  • New blog post: Now the Neumann camp thinks we’re idiots: Yesterday it was Jill Bader at the Walker campaign, today… #
  • New blog post: Now I have to decide if Jill Bader is an idiot or if she thinks I’m an idiot: Found out today that … #
  • New blog post: Dick Leinenkugel promises no federal bailout for the beer industry: Seriously, I never understood w… #
  • Check this video out — School Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? #
  • Six Catholics, three Jews, not very diverse, but it does look just like me. #
  • New blog post: MacIver Institute Awards for politicians & journalists: The MacIver Institute is handing out awards… #
  • New blog post: Penny and pound foolish: Somebody will have to let me know if it’s okay for a writer covering an ev… #
  • New blog post: The roar of the Harleys riding out of town: In last week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman, I wrote… #
  • Julie Lassa, the 15 billion dollar woman. #
  • New blog post: Dems lasso Lassa, or the 15 billion dollar woman: But will Shibilski spoil the Democratic rodeo? S… #
  • My daughter thinks "I can't wait" is all one word. #
  • New blog post: Mrs. Duffy goes to Washington, too: Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review interviewed Rachel Campos… #
  • New blog post: Any news is better than no news?: Received an e-mail today from Chip Englander, campaign manager fo… #
  • New blog post: From Mike Tate’s press release direct to the blogs, evil is loose in the land: Attention liberal bl… #
  • New blog post: More juvenile humor: I saw the headline:
    Woods Withdraws From Players With Injury
    And I thought to … #
  • New blog post: So help me God: President’s taking the Oath of Office can continue to add, “So help me God.”
    Michae… #
  • Happy Mother's Day, everyone! #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09: New blog post: Quote of the week: Former Senator Fred Thomps… #
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