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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23


  • Paging Dick Leinenkugel. Paging Dick Leinen…Kugel. #
  • Rep Joel Kleefisch reminds me Lt Gov candidate Rebecca Kleefisch was at first conservative blogger picnic. #rpw2010 #
  • Talked with Rep Bill Kramer and Rep Joel Kleefisch at #rpw2010 Nothing new, just name dropping. #
  • Word is Senate candidates pushed to tomorrow on #rpw2010 agenda. Still hoping to interview senate candidates today. #
  • New blog post: Waiting on the Walker endorsement total: I’ve seen two estimates of the endorsement vote total at 9… #
  • New blog post: Speaking of voting: It’s believed Mark Neumann cast a vote as a delegate during the endorsement vot… #
  • rt@kevinbinversie Five minute break for votes to be tallied by party officials. #rpw2010 ;; Let's drag today out longer. #
  • Spoke w/ Rep J Ott at #rpw2010 & congratulated him on defeat of global warming bill. He thinks Jeff Wood'll be ethics cloud hanging on Dems #
  • Big cheers from the hall as endorsement tallies are coming in county-by-county for governor. #rpw2010 #
  • The last for the free Terrence Wall free coffee just went at #rpw2010 The delegate riot will begin in 3..2..1.. (HOW COME NOBODY HAS TEA?) #
  • New blog post: Waiting at the RPW convention: Happy are those that sit and wait. I am at the Republican State Con… #
  • Delegates at #rpw2010 starting to look weary. No food at hospitality suites last night has taken its toll. #
  • By the way, best nametags at #rpw2010 goes to Ron Johnson. I need one for my kid. #
  • Great headline for Walker at WisPolitics #rpw2010 #
  • Should I tell the Sgt at Arms standing near me I don't have my press credentials at #rpw2010 #
  • At #rpw2010 just finished interview with Mark Neumann for the MacIver Institute. Great stuff from both candidates. #
  • #rpw2010 I need a campaign to bribe me with coffee. ATTENTION CANDIDATES. #
  • Fast typists:rt @Ron4Senate
    My staff will be live Tweeting my speech at the Republican Party of Wisconsin Convention later today #rpw2010 #
  • At #rpw2010 where loud cheers for Walker can be heard even out here by the MacIver Institute booth. #
  • Just spoke with Lt. Gov candidate Dave Ross, getting ready for his speech at #rpw2010 Spoke w/ Rebecca Kleefish earlier. Columns soon. #
  • I'm told by serious campaign professionals great speech by @UWGOP chairman today at #rpw2010 #
  • Straw poll at #Rpw2010 closing soon. #
  • Funny. Just tweeted while Neumann speaking "@ScottKWalker Convention Speech Highlights" #RPW2010 quot; #
  • At #rpw2010 @kevinbinversie live-twittering Neumann's speech. #
  • Terrence Wall should have had the food at his booth at his hospitality suite last night.#rpw2010 #
  • #rpw2010 Bad diet day. #
  • #rpw2010 Reince Priebus looked happy with the turnout. Was laughing at joke I made last night. #
  • Tip for #rpw2010 attendees, protestors, Pill & Puff across the street makes a great turkey pastrami sandwich. #
  • At #rpw2010 where the delegates are slowly moving into the hall to hear Mark Neumann. #
  • Saw the Neumann protestors at #rpw2010 Hippies. (But they out-numbered the other protestors. #
  • Still at #rpw2010 So far, free donut and water from Wall campaign. Ooh, ice cream! #
  • Since press credential process has disappeared from the hotel, if anyone working #rpw2010 would stop by the MI set up, I'd appreciate it. #
  • At #rpw2010 need coffee, press credentials are now a moving target. Fun. #
  • SItting at #rpw2010 by the MacIver Institute station talking to people. Just talked to Dick Leinenkugel. Interview for MI later. #
  • New blog post: Starstruck politics: Quick Juston! Take the picture! Me and Paul Ryan! #
  • New blog post: Mark Neumann, dressed for vacation: I may never look at this candidate for governor the same way ag… #
  • New blog post: Potty training really must’ve been traumatic for Scot Ross: From One Wisconsin Now’s Twitterfeed:
    S… #
  • New blog post: Kleefisch endorsed by former Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow: Candidate for Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleef… #
  • New blog post: Intruder alert: It was probably attracted to Michelle Obama’s organic garden. #
  • New blog post: Scot Ross says something funny without recalling his failed potty training: Scot Ross of (*) One Wi… #
  • New blog post: Seriously, this is the major GOP defector today?: How old is this story? Months? Just another rem… #
  • New blog post: You say supporter, I say endorser, let’s buy a thesaurus: Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima and State Asse… #
  • New blog post: I can’t wait to see the new sound system in Scrima’s office: Today we learned from the Waukesha Fre… #
  • New blog post: Jensen to be retried in Waukesha: You never saw the movie Scanners?  Just go up to your favorite li… #
  • New blog post: What part of ‘Catholic’ don’t they understand?: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley);
    Date:May 20,… #
  • New blog post: Can Marquette be a Catholic University?: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting this morning o… #
  • I should have been writing brilliant crap all evening. Oh well, there's always a blank page tomorrow to kill. #
  • New blog post: Blumenthal returns to Vietnam: Classic. When confronted with lying about serving in Vietnam, Conne… #
  • New blog post: 147 years later, soldier receives award: From the Associated Press:
    A Wisconsin soldier who died at… #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: Comes from Jimmy Fallon:
    Have you heard about this guy, Richard Blumenthal, a Dem… #
  • New blog post: Best comment on Specter’s defeat I’ve seen tonight: Larry Sabato went fishing in the Twitter stream… #
  • 4? #
  • New blog post: Green Bay Packin’ Heat: Police Investigating Bullet Holes Found In Lambeau Field Atrium
    Anybody che… #
  • New blog post: Off with their heads: I know. It’s shocking that aldermen behave like, well, aldermen. From the So… #
  • New blog post: ELO, the early years coming on DVD: Oooh. I see a wedding anniversary present for me:
    On 9 August … #
  • New blog post: Has anyone checked Victor’s?: DNR tracking possibility of cougars return –

    WQOW TV: Eau Claire
    J… #

  • New blog post: Did I miss a week of comics?: What the heck happened? Sally Forth and her husband Ted already went… #
  • New blog post: Was it John, Paul, George or Ringo?: Headline of the day: “Wis. gov announces tree-eating beetle we… #
  • New blog post: Vietnam diaries: Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Democratic candidate to rep… #
  • New blog post: Despite concerns over vote fraud, GAB still says no ID required: This week’s article for the MacIve… #
  • James Wigderson: man of mystery, in pursuit of coffee. #
  • New blog post: The always classy Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now: Scot Ross on Facebook commenting on Marquette’s d… #
  • New blog post: Pope Benedict XVI on the role of Catholic education: MEETING WITH CATHOLIC EDUCATORS
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16: Famous last words. My son just said, "Careful? I am Mr. Care… #
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