Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20


  • What did I do in hotels before free internet? I mean, besides get arrested. #
  • And I thought Milw water was expensive rt @toptentopten The Top Ten Most Expensive Bottles Water: http://bit.ly/1979In #
  • My daughter (she's 5, remember) offered to make me a vodka martini for Father's Day. This ought to be interesting. #
  • My five-year-old announced I'm getting carrot cake for Father's Day, which was news to her mother. Guess they're shopping for cake tomorrow, #
  • Advice for the day, 2: Check the tops of your feet for sunburn before stepping into the hot tub. #
  • Advice for the day: ask the bartender what he feels like making when ordering a fruity tropical drink. #
  • New blog post: New concept: a legislator elected from among his constituents: Without endorsing a candidate in the… http://bit.ly/95z9BE #
  • New blog post: The gifts of Father’s Day: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Jun 17, 2010; Section: O… http://bit.ly/b8AyyA #
  • New blog post: About any wells Waukesha might be considering: Jim Rowen does another blog post about the Waukesha … http://bit.ly/c7Jvoz #
  • The hammers on my achilles tendons pound & pound, pound & pound, pound & pound, all through the waterpark. (not very musical, I know) #
  • Warming up coffee at the Glacier Canyon Resort. #
  • New blog post: “He has a real problem telling the truth.”: I could spend all day answering Jeff Scrima’s supporter… http://bit.ly/8XWyJr #
  • New blog post: And don’t come back: Abortionist Caryn Dutton is leaving Wisconsin for a position with the Harvard … http://bit.ly/92p7E7 #
  • New blog post: “Scrima can make demagogic claims until the wells run dry”: Milwaukee Magazine’s Bruce Murphy isn’t… http://bit.ly/aTr7XG #
  • New blog post: Hey, Tom Barrett showed up: I bet Democrats were thrilled Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett managed to fi… http://bit.ly/amrEDb #
  • New blog post: Jay Walt calls Jeff Scrima a time bomb: Former Waukesha Freeman “Citizen of the Year” Jay Walt look… http://bit.ly/bZnyEu #
  • New blog post: Just in case you’re wondering: I have not had one candidate or campaign volunteer knock on my door … http://bit.ly/aD2DYM #
  • New blog post: At least he’s not picking out new china patterns for City Hall: Jessica McBride has a bit of sticke… http://bit.ly/bpDnpB #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13: New blog post: They’re real, and they’re spectacular: I’m so… http://bit.ly/d2ar1g #
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