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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15


  • Anyone read Christopher Hitchens' Hitch-22? What did you think of the final chapter? #
  • New blog post: The handcuffs would have made it difficult for her to type: The Waukesha Freeman reported this morn… #
  • New blog post: Do you really want Jon Erpenbach in the state senate?: People complain that they are not enough goo… #
  • New blog post: Keep your arms, legs and, uh, other body parts in until the ride comes to a complete stop: Never ha… #
  • New blog post: Brookfielders unite! You have nothing to lose but the trains!: The Brookfield Common Council is hol… #
  • I actually get to watch TV tonight. Anything on? Or do I read Terri McCormick's book? #
  • I'm sorry. I saw Motley Crue in concert once. They should not be a VH1 Classic concert. #
  • New blog post: I hope Kalbinger is a quick study: Alderman Peggy Bull’s opponent, John Kalblinger, is a little wet… #
  • New blog post: I’m surprised this hasn’t happened in Wisconsin yet: In North Carolina, a Republican candidate for … #
  • New blog post: …some sort of potty training Equalization of Opportunity Act: Child rearing the Ayn Rand way yields… #
  • Just finished Christopher Hitchens' memoir, watching Funny People w/ Adam Sandler. Boy, could I use cheering up. Know an Ayn Rand joke? #
  • Tune in next week when I spell "First Amendment" correctly. Having fumble finger trouble today. #
  • Wisconsin garbage washing up again on western Mich. beaches - Could be worse, could be poop. #
  • New blog post: Wisconsin Dems trying to change rules as they’re losing the game: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Co… #
  • New blog post: Rachel Campos-Duffy takes on Harry Reid: Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada set himself up as … #
  • New blog post: Bull has opponent in recall: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting John Kalblinger is running… #
  • New blog post: We know what’s on in Tom Barrett’s home: I’m guessing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett just loves the ne… #
  • New blog post: How to get stuck on the wrong side of the tracks – drive a car in Madison: Peter Theron, Republican… #
  • New blog post: Assigned summer reading: The MacIver Institute issued a report yesterday on why Wisconsin failed in… #
  • New blog post: Show me an angry progressive mayor and I’ll show you a loser: John Nichols of the Capital Times, th… #
  • A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an "intellectual" – find out how he feels about astrology. ~Robert A. Heinlein #
  • If I read Mark Neumann's book, do I get extra credit? #
  • Normally I just break Twitter. But tonight I think I broke Facebook. #
  • Outrageous bias at WISN-TV: #
  • New blog post: Pet peeve: AP Stylebook:
    bus, buses
    buss, busses
    You’re welcome. #
  • New blog post: 33rd Assembly candidate forum: Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not abl… #
  • New blog post: Free speech victory: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibi… #
  • Listening to a little Artie Shaw while writing. Drink to follow. #
  • New blog post: Everyone play nice now: Ricky on State advises everyone in Waukesha to play nice.
    If Waukesha Mayor… #
  • New blog post: Jay Bullock is outraged: Jay Bullock of the blog folkbum is in a snit about an anonymous comment in… #
  • Women love me and politicians fear me. #
  • New blog post: I gave blood at Pick N Save: Went to the store to pick up some dog food and barely survived a mosqu… #
  • New blog post: Hassett can’t get coverage for his lack of accomplishments: Former state Natural Resources Secretar… #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08: New blog post: Eleven. Exactly. One louder.: Nigel Tufnel: T… #
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