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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30


  • It's not true I'm a coffee addict but I will kill you if you come near my stash. #
  • If I buy your "healthy" organic food can I buy the chemicals that get rid of pests and disease on the side? #
  • “Congress used CBO to get the answer they wanted. I get that. I ran the CBO. They used me too.” #
  • Time for a #Packers #Bears prediction. I predict Packers 17-13. Packers will miss two field goals. #
  • I guess it's time to be a responsible parent now. #
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  • The evil that men do often starts in Chicago. #
  • Time to go cut my son's pinewood derby car. #justcallmestumpy #
  • Just a reminder, the last good thing to come out of Chicago was Chile's economy. #
  • Wisconsin continues the cheesehead takeover of the world. #
  • For revenge, the FIBS will probably let the Asian Carp escape into Lake Michigan. #
  • My son asked, "Who's Roger Staubach?" My wife said "Please don't ask your dad that." Time to instruct my son on the greatest QB of all time. #
  • I wonder how long before fans compare Jay Cutler to Paul Crewe. #
  • Civilization is coming to an end. I just learned my wife bought my a daughter a subscription to Disney Princess magazine. #
  • I must've missed something while in transit. Why was the Halas trophy presented in the locker room? #
  • My dog is upset again because my wife isn't home. #
  • Don't look at me that way. I made a vegetable to go with the kids' fish sticks. Don't judge me. #
  • Do I look that old? The other day I ordered a martini. The bartender put in prunes instead of olives. #
  • The other day my son was pointing and laughing at me. I asked why. He said his teacher didn't explain genetics yet. #
  • Okay, Rahm Emanuel's biggest mistake? Not establishing residency and voter registration in a cemetery. #RahmEmanuel #Chicago #
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  • Lee Holloway names Marvin Pratt interim Milwaukee County Executive. I guess Gary George was too busy. #
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  • Someday my children will rebel and demand I cook real food. I can't wait. #
  • rt @FixAaron National Journal says it has full text of Obama's speech here: | I don't have to find someone to sit with. in reply to FixAaron #
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  • New blog post: Is Obama still talking?: Man, that was a long one. But not the longest ever.
    As this handy-dan… #
  • Remember kids, when dad is cooking, ketchup is a vegetable. #
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  • New blog post: I love snowblowers: I love the smell of carbon monoxide in the morning. You know, one time we had… #
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