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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30: It's not true I'm a coffee addict but I will kill you if y… http://bit.ly/eFRg8b #
  • Just enjoying some peppermint cake with coconut frosting. #
  • Kinda nice to look at my son's report card and not cringe. (and know that my son earned the good grades, too.) #
  • The #ProBowl in Hawaii would have been far more interesting if they had released Barack Obama's birth certificate at halftime. #
  • Place your bets. Who will be the first local tv news personality to blame the coming snow storms on global warming? #
  • I'm reading a book to my daughter about Barbie rescuing Ken from being kidnapped by fairies from Gloss Angeles. I can't make this stuff up. #
  • Consider this something that was extremely pithy and memorable. #
  • New blog post: The bottled water candidate: Sometimes you wonder where these people were in science class. Jake… http://bit.ly/h01Ykj #
  • I understand the snowstorm that will hit tomorrow is bigger than the snowstorm that wiped out the dinosaurs. #
  • The snow is going to hit faster than a man can write his name in it. #
  • The federal court not only ruled Obamacare unconstitutional, but they also ruled the Bears still suck. #
  • Did you know boiling water can straighten out a plastic crazy straw? #
  • New blog post: Packer development thwarted at the goal line: The Green Bay Packers are fighting on two fronts th… http://bit.ly/hAAPFz #
  • On the State of the State Address Tonight… http://j.mp/fZwjoY from @maciverwisc #
  • New blog post: The Snow Plow: (to the tune of The Love Boat)
    Snow, blowing at you
    Let it blow, until it covers y… http://bit.ly/h7GBer #
  • Okay, even Doreen and I thought the #Packers pandering was pretty shameless in the State of the State speech. #
  • Walker wants to rebuild the Zoo Interchange "ahead" of schedule. It's about time. #
  • Cuts? Cuts? Sen. Mark Miller almost faints at the question. #
  • "We're not part of the mix." Senator Mark Miller washes his hands of the state's fiscal problems. Thanks for playing Dems. #
  • I think this weather calls for a little Wagner and a little vodka. #
  • I should go to bed but I'm stuck home with the kids all day tomorrow. My sanity will be questionable by tomorrow afternoon. #snowmke #
  • Obamacare dead in Wisconsin. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/258639/wisconsin-ag-declares-obamacare-dead-brian-bolduc #
  • Is there an IQ point left over at MSNBC? http://nation.foxnews.com/media/2011/02/01/maddow-falls-internet-hoax #
  • New blog post: States opting out of Obamacare: When Wisconsin’s attorney general JB Van Hollen said he wanted to… http://bit.ly/gpvo3l #
  • New blog post: Reaction to the State of the State speech: The MacIver Institute has instant reaction to Governor… http://bit.ly/ikzZDu #
  • Front door blocked. Back door partially blocked. Back gate blocked. But I gotta get out and check the furnace exhaust. #snowwi #
  • I broke Twitter again. It's my fault. #
  • Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. I really don't want to live through today again. #groundhogday #snowwi #
  • If Roy Scheider was here, he'd say I need a bigger snowblower. #snomg #snowwi #
  • rt @wispoliticsfeed QUORUM CALL: Assembly session starting http://bit.ly/fWdn0Z | and no man or property is safe. in reply to wispoliticsfeed #
  • One neighbor dug out my driveway. Other neighbor helped dig a hole through the corner. I trenched out front door. Still 6 hrs work ahead. #
  • Good thing I salted. #
  • I think Solzhenitsyn wrote about a day like this. #
  • It's not true that I would sell my children for a bigger snowblower. Maybe one of them… #
  • I don't want to go back out there. #mkesnow #snomg #
  • You know, all this snow will go away when the world ends in 2012, so why shovel? #mkesnow #snomg #
  • New blog post: Don’t drive angry: Because Groundhog Day is a classic film, and today is Groundhog Day, and we we… http://bit.ly/eh4ZTD #
  • Heading out soon to burn more fossil fuels to clean the driveway and hasten global warming to melt the snow. #mkesnow #snomg #
  • Attempt #3 to finish cleaning up the snow. I have to shovel my snowblower out of the snow drift. #mkesnow #snomg #
  • rt @WSAW Senate Passes Bill Reorganizing Commerce http://bit.ly/hWl6TM | The Walker agenda advances. #
  • rt @wispoliticsfeed QUORUM CALL: Assembly passes changes to rule-making process http://bit.ly/gfFZuc | Accountability is being restored in reply to Hugs4Smiles #
  • New blog post: When Doyle was Pharoah: I miss 2006.  That was the year when Democrats didn’t mind governors asse… http://bit.ly/hGVv0D #
  • My wife and I are trying to figure out which saint is supposed to help us kick the soda habit over lent. #Catholic #
  • I used my knees instead of my back to lift the snow yesterday. Boy, do my knees hurt. #
  • New blog post: I have a bad feeling about this: The Capital Times, known for indulging conspiracy theorists and … http://bit.ly/dVUVqj #
  • New blog post: Walker must offer more than ‘Go Packers !’: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley);
    Date:Feb 3, 20… http://bit.ly/gNj7aI #
  • New blog post: Hackbarth on Facebook’s birthday: Another example of how Wisconsin is slowly conquering the world… http://bit.ly/hY5Kyj #
  • rt @WiStateJournal Walker says he won't bypass Legislature in windfarm regulation http://dlvr.it/FqpFp | Doyle would've http://bit.ly/hGVv0D in reply to WiStateJournal #
  • Do you think people who are jerks realize they are jerks, or are they ignorant? If they're ignorant, why do they enjoy being jerks so much? #
  • What if I want to be stalked on Facebook? #
  • Can I get a defibrillator on the side? http://bit.ly/i9Tx2h @wtmj4news #
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