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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13: New blog post: Quote of the day: Mickey Kaus wonders if th… #
  • New blog post: Watch your back, Dave: Dave Blaska, the conservative voice at The Isthmus, was reminded in a rath… #
  • New blog post: Question Othority: Remind the political left who is really in charge, and that we’re not going to… #
  • rt @MacIverWisc One observer not impressed with the latest protest rally. #wispolitics #wisunion in reply to MacIverWisc #
  • Underwear to impress the conservative ladies in your life: #
  • New blog post: Saturday with Wiggy on the Capitol grounds: How did you spend your Saturday? I was among the peop… #
  • New blog post: Hopper, like a rabbit: I did a feature at the old blog, the “idiot politician of the week.” I may… #
  • New blog post: Hey, we’ll take some Republican state senators in trade: Other than I can’t picture Governor Scot… #
  • New blog post: Waiting on the endorsement from the e-mail carriers: As seen on Facebook. Chris Abele for Milwauk… #
  • New blog post: Oops, skipped a word: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describes Mordecai Lee as, “professor of gov… #
  • New blog post: The unions will disenfranchise whom they want: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced … #
  • I'm curious what they sampled when they indicated the enthusiastic responses. #
  • New blog post: Burying the lede at Shorewood Patch: Adam McCoy at Shorewood Patch buries the real story in his s… #
  • New blog post: So much for ramming speed: Our friends at Media Trackers attacks the myth that the Republicans “r… #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: I miss Russ Decker… Just remember why this whole fight was able to take place. … #
  • New blog post: What was that about bloggers?: And in case you’re wondering, while so many in the Internet world … #
  • New blog post: Biting the hand that feeds: I think it’s fair to say that in Southeastern Wisconsin is … #
  • New blog post: They skipped the Starbucks. The protestors didn’t.: The Wisconsin State Journal tried to figure o… #
  • Taking mental health break tonight. Judging fromTwitter, suggest more of you do the same. #
  • See? @amykant has the right idea. "mental health can't take any more. Shutting down for the night and headed to bed to cuddle w/@beepthedog" #
  • New blog post: Feeling my Irish: Every year I try to do something a little different for St. Patrick’s Day.  I d… #
  • New blog post: Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Lorica of Saint Patrick I arise today Through a mighty strength, the inv… #
  • Legislator says Sen. Kapanke has been hit by property damage – JSOnline "peaceful" #wibudget #wiunion #wisconsin #
  • New blog post: The Quiet Man: Excerpt from “The Quiet Man”.  This is from the short story by Maurice Walsh that … #
  • New blog post: Irish soul and the making of The Commitments: The Commitments is the story of Jimmy Rabbitte and … #
  • My daughter wants to invite the Trinity Irish Dancers over for dinner. We do have hardwood floors… #
  • My friend Ziggy brought my children bags of Ukrainian candy. These Roshen fruit candies are amazing! #
  • Milk was $2.19/gallon at Kwik Trip. Great bakery too. #wiunion #wipolitics #wisconsin #
  • By the way, here is a map of Kwik Trip locations. #
  • New blog post: I bet the dog ate the warrant for Chris Abele’s arrest: This story just gets better and better. C… #
  • More Threats and Intimidation: Why No Widespread Condemnation? – #wiunion #wipolitics #wisconsin #
  • New blog post: Meet the new Secretary of Tourism: Meet Stephanie Klett.  Good news for Klett.  She’s already ahe… #
  • New blog post: Fireworks in the Milwaukee County Executive Race. No, really.: Okay, who hasn’t wanted to throw l… #
  • Chris Abele. He's one spoiled rich bad mo' fo'. #
  • Thanks to @redrivergrl @jjauthor @tamale102280 and @SandraHollander for the #ff mentions. Thanks! #
  • New blog post: Kwik Trip report: For those of you boycotting the Kwik Trip chain, you’re doing a miserable job. … #
  • I hate when I accidentally leave a stick of butter on the over and there's no lobster handy. #
  • Ten minutes until cheese pizza rolls! (Kids ate all the fish sticks.) #
  • I don't think I should be eating these Ukrainian butterscotch candies on Friday. However, I don't taste any meat in them. #
  • If you're in the Hadfield Area, please watch out for the Cub Scouts delivering bags for Scouting for Food. Let's be safe out there #waukesha #
  • Waiting on the outcome of the #tacobell lawsuit to discover if I can eat a burrito on Friday. #Catholic #lent #
  • You know @ChrisSAbele is rich enough. It never occurred to him to get a chauffeur? Will Milw Co have to pay for one if he's elected? #
  • The good news for @ChrisSAbele is that if he's elected, the courtrooms will be real close. #
  • Did I mention @ChrisSAbele has a worse attendance record at court than Lindsay Lohan? Oh, yes. I did. #
  • New blog post: No wonder Luther’s looking for an exit: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Mar 17, 201… #
  • No wonder Luther’s looking for an exit #Waukesha #
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