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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03


  • It's going to be a moment while I make some coffee. #
  • rt @iowahawkblog 'Anarchists'? Seems an odd term for people demanding govt give them free cash in reply to iowahawkblog #
  • Well, I successfully received my first Skype call. We'll have to play with it more to see if we can actually use it for something. #
  • rt @THEHermanCain Wins TIR Straw Poll at Conservative Principles Conference #tcot #citizencain | It was the hat. -jw #
  • Two cups of coffee in me. Time to start my Sunday. #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20: New … #
  • New blog post: If Scrima has a problem, he should have used his veto: If Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima still has a … #
  • My wife is talking to Turbo Tax. It just called her "Dave." I'm concerned. #
  • Another @MacIverwisc column done and sent. It's all good. #
  • How the collective bargaining bill became law #wiunion #
  • New blog post: Masel losing battle to lung cancer: Sad news from the wacky world of Madison politics. Legalized … #
  • New blog post: Throwing good money after bad at public financing Supreme Court elections: I like the headline th… #
  • New blog post: If true, this can only be good for Waukesha: Wisconsin’s #1 Waukesha hater Jim Rowen reports on h… #
  • If you live in #Waukesha I explain my support for @LCarter4judge in this week's column for the Waukesha Freeman appearing this Thursday. #
  • Column for the Waukesha Freeman done. Invoicing done for the week. One more empty bottle. Not a bad night's work. #
  • Thoughts on @benmasel 's illness. #
  • Just think how happy you would be if you were as smart as me. #
  • New blog post: I always get them mixed up: Is this Hall or Oates? #
  • Has it occurred to anyone else that the Atlas Shrugged movie will probably suck? #
  • DPI Data Paints Incomplete Picture of Choice Program via @maciverwisc #
  • I'm really, really tired. Never should have taught the kids to read a clock so they know their bedtimes. #
  • Updated Study Finds Positive Effects for Students, Public Schools from Milwaukee Parental Choice Program @maciverwisc #
  • My son just called me his favorite dad. My wife has some 'splainin to do. #
  • Words, wit, and wisdom of my son: "Mmmm. Smell that meat!" #
  • New blog post: Can I complain?: I like listening to talk radio as much as the next person. But when I’m writing … #
  • #FollowFriday @deaninwaukesha @kevinbinversie @steveegg @dailyscoff @ryanojibway @framness @punditnation (via @ffhelper) #
  • #FollowFriday @sykescharlie @maciverwisc @tommcmahonnet @PositiveEnerG @seanhackbarth @realdebate @TheBusBandit (via @ffhelper) #
  • I was dreaming I was about to eat some $$ Asiago cheese bread when my wife woke me up to let out the dog. Now it'll be gone when I get back. #
  • Secular Easter cancelled. My dog just tried to bring the Easter bunny into the house (while it was still alive). 1st rabbit of spring. #
  • A proverb in Guinea-Bissau: "No fist is big enough to hide the sky." #wiunion #wipolitics #
  • rt @RichLowry "Wisconsin's Chief Injustice"–Shirley Abrahamson and the Prosser race in reply to RichLowry #
  • New blog post: The class and character of JoAnne Kloppenburg: #
  • New blog post: One business owner standing up to union bullies: #
  • RT @tpm: 26 Yr-Old Woman Charged W/ Sending Death Threats To GOP Sens (interesting to read the excuses in comments -jw) #
  • New blog post: Another unfortunate casualty of the shrinking news media: Marketplace Magazine is no more. From P… #
  • Memo to self: do not use the compass on the 6-yr-old's jacket for navigation when confused in Western #Waukesha County. #
  • Camped out at mcdonald's playland with my daughter like a Madison protestor. Heck no we won't go. #
  • Turns out Waukesha cops are not as wimpy as Madison cops. When McDonalds closed we had to leave. Waiting for Cory Mason to prop open window. #
  • Mayor McCheese has ordered us removed from the McDonald's playland, but Officer Big Mac just took our food order. #
  • Hamburglar snuck us in air mattresses and is now banging the drums. You thought it was tough to understand the drive-thru clerk before… #
  • Chris Larson here now. He and the Hamburglar are comparing notes. #
  • Rumor has it Ronald McDonald in the DOA asked Officer Big Mac not to arrest us, but ask us to leave playland by saying "pretty please." #
  • Cost of french fries may be going up. Forgot painter's tape for hanging protest signs in McDonald's. Using cherry pie filling instead. #
  • In you case you missed it, we're demanding unlimited access to the McDonald's playland and better happy meal toys. And McLobster. #
  • Unlike Madison protestors, I bet we can get Al Sharpton to our McDonald's Playland protest. Unfortunately, we'll probably get Michael Moore. #
  • I may have to end protest early. McSugarBuzz from Chocolate shakes and cookies are making my daughter louder than the drums. #
  • Manager asking us to end McDonalds playland protest because he has to clean bathrooms. Like we're going to believe that one. #
  • McDonalds just got court order to turn deep fryers back on to support our Playland Protest. French Fries are a right. this is Democracy. #
  • Daughter beginning to crack in Playland Protest. Ronald McDonald offered her entire My Little Pony Happy Meal set. #
  • Okay, we're leaving. But we got McDonald's to agree to keep the Playland open to the normal hours before we began our protest! Victory! #
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