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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03: It's… http://bit.ly/g5jOqb #
  • I have two words for you: buh fay. I'm stuffed. #
  • No, a recount isn't needed. Here's why. http://www.wigderson.com/?p=13674 @PunditNation in reply to PunditNation #
  • Here's my advice in areas about to be hit by a tornado. Ignore the TV media's request for really neat weather photos and video. #
  • You know, I think I'm supposed to be doing something called "writing" right now. #
  • New blog post: Those classy liberals: Liberals in Wisconsin are such gracious losers on Twitter: From @slouch2gehttp://bit.ly/dTMi1I #
  • New blog post: Religious education in the Wigderson home: My wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, was helping … http://bit.ly/fPeSE8 #
  • New blog post: What do you buy your friends that believe it was a conspiracy that defeated Kloppenburg?: It can … http://bit.ly/gDBgMK #
  • Something going on near Arcadian and Perkins in Waukesha. I heard an actual police siren. #
  • New blog post: Speaking of fraud in Brookfield: I wish I could say that I was the first to catch this. A stateme… http://bit.ly/fJ1Mvo #
  • New blog post: Nickolaus won’t resign: The chairman of the Democratic Party in Waukesha, Victor Weers, called on… http://bit.ly/ga1UHk #
  • rt @QuorumCall #Senate Sen. Ron Johnson on the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race http://bit.ly/gKR3NK #Politics #wiunion #wipolitics #wisconsin in reply to QuorumCall #
  • Time to wrap up the Supreme Court race today. #
  • In case you missed it, my thoughts on why we need to continue electing state Supreme Court justices. http://bit.ly/e5FtLS #
  • New blog post: As has been pointed out to me: There seems to be another problem with Ramona Kitzenger Kitzinger’… http://bit.ly/hIcr3q #
  • Have you considered supplementing your income by annoying your friends with spam e-mail? #
  • New blog post: Elvis would have understood: Earlier this week Steven Cowan was sentenced to probation for shooti… http://bit.ly/fYtlXQ #
  • New blog post: Let this be a lesson to young girls: Boys are not only icky, they carry the plague. My daughter j… http://bit.ly/ej2JAf #
  • New blog post: Democrats right to be angry at Nickolaus but there’s no vote fraud here: Publication: Waukesha Fr… http://bit.ly/gsxPBJ #
  • Did Klopphamson concede yet? #wiunion #wipolitics #
  • Another day, another opportunity to concede the election for Kloppenburg. #
  • New blog post: Dave Hansen recall office broken into: Holy Watergate! Are there no limits on what the Democrats … http://bit.ly/glOdKw #
  • Wow, one of Chief Tubbs' police officers made an arrest today at the Capitol. There goes Tubbs' perfect record. #
  • New blog post: Did Kloppenhamson concede yet?: I feel like Milo Bloom of the Bloom Beacon working the obituary d… http://bit.ly/fe9UZk #
  • New blog post: No, I can’t wait: In case he didn’t hear me when I yelled back: to the guy who started yelling at… http://bit.ly/i088Qu #
  • New blog post: Field report from the Sarah Palin rally: “No fist is big enough to hide the sky.” – African prove… http://bit.ly/eOJedj #
  • New blog post: Sarah Palin’s speech in Madison today: Sarah Palin in Madison from Breitbart on Vimeo. http://bit.ly/dNaL0J #
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