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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01


  • New blog post: Full text Easter Sunday Urbi et Orbi: From Vatican Radio: “In resurrectione tua, Christe, coeli e… http://bit.ly/e6tSNL #
  • New blog post: They gotta get to the bar somehow: A Montana state legislator attacks drunk driving laws. (via Bu… http://bit.ly/hkfHcR #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17: New … http://bit.ly/hoFwMp #
  • Birdland: Uninvited guest takes flight at Miller http://t.co/MZ32864 They don't show it taking apart the pigeon in mid-flight. #
  • JSonline photo of hawk from game with pigeon feathers http://www.jsonline.com/multimedia/photos/120573674.html?image=49500619#id_49500619 #
  • Boycott Wisconsin – JSOnline http://t.co/GHxQMjF Will Wisconsin liberals respond in kind? #
  • Word from under the dome is that revenue estimates in Madison are about to go up. So are spending requests. #
  • Remember: If you smoke the hemp, you can't recycle it. #
  • New blog post: Oh little town of Brookfield: Will the town of Brookfield become a village? Will the villagers ca… http://bit.ly/efmG9M #
  • New blog post: Policy items are in the eye of the beholder: As the Joint Finance Committee goes through the gove… http://bit.ly/f5bF5A #
  • New blog post: Interesting analysis of the Prosser victory results: Henry Olsen at National Review Online did a … http://bit.ly/i3gGZa #
  • New blog post: Activism and shopping: Not too soon to think about this. Coming June 17-18, Americans for Prosper… http://bit.ly/e6vhXR #
  • New blog post: Say no to star chamber judicial selection: “Look mommy. My favorite columnist says everytime a co… http://bit.ly/e60kYI #
  • Nickolaus declines to oversee recount http://t.co/TbgQtoU Makes me wonder why she doesn't just resign if she feels she can't do the job. -jw #
  • I think I'm supposed to be writing something called a column right now. #
  • New blog post: Soon all the cool kids in the Sha will be wearing one of these: We have too much radium in our dr… http://bit.ly/eIL9Ja #
  • New blog post: You people in Wauwatosa are weird: I’m trying to understand this. According to the Wauwatosa poli… http://bit.ly/hpxO7l #
  • Watching episode of Ghost Hunters with a dog. If it eats Scooby snacks, I'll never watch again. #
  • New blog post: Mayor’s book deal raises ethics issues: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Apr 28, 2011;… http://bit.ly/kzVhW7 #
  • New blog post: They’ll never be happy: While I think President Barack Obama releasing the birth certificate will… http://bit.ly/jV6tSm #
  • Okay, this is damn funny. Sexist, but funny. http://t.co/HZAp71x #royalwedding #
  • Mayor’s book deal raises ethics issues – http://www.wigderson.com/index.php/2011/04/28/mayors-book-deal-raises-ethics-issues/ #
  • Judge rules GAB ok delay recall elections for Hopper/Kapanke (Perhaps if Kloppenburg had not sought recount GAB could hold recall elections) #
  • New blog post: Something brewing in the Waukesha recount?: I’m hearing that election attorney Mike Maistelman wa… http://bit.ly/loVJNt #
  • New blog post: Luther releases memo criticizing Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima: City of Waukesha Administrator Lori … http://bit.ly/mh7Pl4 #
  • In Wisconsin: Common Sense from Citizens; Hysteria from Elites http://t.co/PBMeAjO #
  • New blog post: Penny for my thoughts?: From the Sound-off section in today’s Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson column … http://bit.ly/lEf4J2 #
  • New blog post: Wigderson column gets results: Well, it’s a step in the right direction. Mayor Jeff Scrima decide… http://bit.ly/jBU4K3 #
  • New blog post: Recommended by egg-throwers everywhere: From today’s police blotter in the Waukesha Freeman: THUR… http://bit.ly/jKT8rI #
  • New blog post: Ben Masel, RIP: Marijuana advocate Ben Masel passed away. He was 56. I commented on Masel and his… http://bit.ly/lP9IS9 #
  • I've been at this Dad thing for a while now:
    "Dad! My sister called me a geek."
    "Okay." #
  • I'd believe my daughter that her brother punched her in the arm if she wasn't swinging it like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack. #
  • Restraining my wife from bidding on the Elvis collector plates on the Public Television auction. #
  • And the cry went out from the living room, "It's the pie, James! It's the pie!" #channel10auction #
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