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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08: New … http://bit.ly/lROr1K #
  • New blog post: But how do they taste deep-fried?: Nabisco is coming out with the Triple Double Oreo cookie. The … http://bit.ly/jSFRrG #
  • Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion "In other news, it's Sunday, and Kloppenburg is still losing it." http://t.co/UW8UKCB #
  • New blog post: The etymology of the Klopp: Professor William Jacobson discovers the meaning of Kloppenburg and a… http://bit.ly/jVVWN1 #
  • Is Duran Duran conducive to good writing? I'm trying to find out. #
  • Wisconsin Protesters Running Out of Steam? http://is.gd/o5voir @maciverwisc #
  • Wife bought big jars of cheese puffs from Walmart. Pouring myself a dish is like being Mr. Moose on Capt. Kangaroo with the pingpong balls. #
  • Who wants to be the Ted Thompson of Republican Party Wisconsin and tell Tommy! it's time to retire the jersey rather than run for senate? #
  • Utility acts in best interests of ratepayers and stockholders, environmentalists whine. http://t.co/QirIZ31 #tcot #wipolitics #
  • Tax hikes are last thing we need right now – JSOnline http://t.co/le4trPm @maciverwisc #
  • Madison Protests Losing Momentum? http://t.co/o0Z0IAi #wiunion #wipolitics #tcot #
  • New blog post: Flags lowered for police officers killed in line of duty: Flags will be lowered all this week to … http://bit.ly/j0nFEu #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: “…it’s kind of strange when the most exciting moment of a Senate career is the … http://bit.ly/m2cnUn #
  • New blog post: Judicial job openings: I received a press release last night from the Walker Administration sayin… http://bit.ly/jbiiHe #
  • The tax you paid to support a feeling of rectitude – JSOnline http://t.co/IEcS5QW #
  • New blog post: Bet your life in Wisconsin: Just imagine if Wisconsin could advertise it’s life insurance program… http://bit.ly/kRkLNJ #
  • New blog post: Bed time protest and politics: My son is not only a conservative, but he’s downright reactionary…. http://bit.ly/loA9dF #
  • New blog post: Frustrating day for the expansion of open enrollment: The state Assembly voted today to amend the… http://bit.ly/knBPdn #
  • Good news for the pro-life movement. Soon state money will no longer go to fund organizations that perform abortions. http://t.co/ZhvXwaK #
  • Just finished reading Christopher Hitchens' 'The Enemy (Kindle Single)' http://amzn.to/iReB4A Very interesting commentary on Osama Bin Laden #
  • National Club for Growth no fan of Gov. Thompson http://t.co/RpOKUWk #
  • New blog post: Scrima still does not get water issue: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: May 19, 2011… http://bit.ly/iCuNwG #
  • New blog post: National Club for Growth no fan of Tommy: Chris Chocola, President of the national organization o… http://bit.ly/iURPmb #
  • Reaction to Announced Increased Spending Out of Madison http://t.co/MhdZA2k via @MacIverwisc #
  • Water Commission against putting mayor on negotiating team, http://patch.com/A-h72T Well I've done my work for the day. No need to thank me. #
  • Will Kloppenburg concede now? Is there an adult Democrat in the house? http://t.co/CYxw15d #tcot #wiunion #
  • New blog post: Scrima excluded from water negotiations: Milwaukee News Buzz (Milwaukee Magazine) thought I asked… http://bit.ly/k9haK7 #
  • People's Park food at Oscars, while supplies last. Neat. http://erikendres.com/blog/2011/05/19/peoples-park-serving-oscars/ #
  • Is not getting picked for the Rapture like being last to be picked for kickball in grade school? I don't want to go through that again. #
  • New blog post: This would be really funny: I can’t claim credit for the idea since I saw it on Twitter via @KOOLhttp://bit.ly/ldrHs7 #
  • Seriously. Is there any idiot left who thinks JoAnne Kloppenburg won? #wiunion #tcot #
  • Carroll Professor appointed to city water commission amid controversy: http://disq.us/20drp8 (@thedigitalnp) #
  • Carroll Professor appointed to city water commission amid controversy: http://disq.us/20dsal (@thedigitalnp) #
  • I was asked if I intend to belittle. Yes. If you believe Kloppenburg won, you deserve to be belittled. #
  • Mitch Daniels hurt by swinging door, gets 16 stitches to forehead : http://t.co/B3B7v2O No, it wasn't a dutch door. #
  • New blog post: End the madness: “No fist is big enough to hide the sky.” – African proverb The recount is over a… http://bit.ly/jxADZC #
  • New blog post: Wiggy’s presidential preference poll: On the right hand side of the page is a Presidential Prefer… http://bit.ly/iLfj1i #
  • New blog post: Wigderson and his critics: From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson column about… http://bit.ly/lR7Ivl #
  • New blog post: Unfortunately, more graffiti overnight: The police are the target of a graffiti vandal in downtow… http://bit.ly/iWakx0 #
  • New blog post: Farmers Market in Waukesha: The weather remained pleasant long enough this morning for my daughte… http://bit.ly/laY3pj #
  • New blog post: Quick note to pass along: Proving I don’t hate all bicyclists, Bike to Work day is June 10th, so … http://bit.ly/kLhBuT #
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