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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26: New … http://bit.ly/iiBgM9 #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir, on becoming an American citizen: Even… http://bit.ly/ihzME7 #
  • Given the reaction I got from pitbull owners to my last Waukesha Freeman column, not a good time to post recipe for Boshintang. #
  • Just got back from Vilas County despite the best efforts of the Wisconsin DOT. #
  • Eight miles on US 51 down to one lane for construction. Saw two trucks working off the side of the road near exit 106. That's it. #wisdot #
  • New blog post: Hey Channel 10 Auction art fans: The Waukesha County Museum is hosting an exhibit of some of Owen… http://bit.ly/r16S0g #
  • New blog post: Luther leaving for Peoria: Bad news for the city of Waukesha, but not unexpected. Waukesha Patch … http://bit.ly/rbFCJK #
  • I hate it when my best joke ends up on the cutting room floor when I'm putting the final edit to my newspaper column. #
  • New blog post: Who is paying for your Democratic State Senator?: At a recent national gathering of liberal activ… http://bit.ly/r2rxyb #
  • New blog post: The disaster of the Nygren failure: The failure is complete. State Representative John Nygren wil… http://bit.ly/nAHJyL #
  • New blog post: Can Baldwin win?: Congressman Tammy Baldwin is considering running for US Senate. Former Democrat… http://bit.ly/oMpka5 #
  • New blog post: Scrima is lying again: I just read Mayor Jeff Scrima’s latest attempt to explain his position on … http://bit.ly/peEqxJ #
  • New blog post: Court decision reminds us of importance of Waukesha’s Lake Michigan water application: A unanimou… http://bit.ly/nPRdlZ #
  • Great. My site got hacked, and from what I can tell I've been sucked into the mid-east conflict. #
  • Oh sure. Prominent Israeli Mathematician Avi Wigderson's site okay. Irish Catholic writer Wigderson website hacked by Syrian hacker. #idiot #
  • I like falafel. Really. Can I have my website back, Mr. Syrian hacker sir? #
  • I should really call homeland security to complain about my mideast hacker, but I'm afraid they'll strip me naked & do a cavity search. #
  • For some reason, I find this especially funny tonight. http://t.co/jqjmEb2 #syrianhacker #
  • I suppose being unhappy that my site was hacked by a Syrian hacker makes me a racist. #
  • I don't think I can blame my site getting hacked on Mayor Jeff Scrima. Well, not yet. #
  • Well, I filled out the cyber-attack form over at the DHS website. We'll see if black helicopters start circling my house. #
  • Salman Rushdie was right. #syrianhacker #
  • Hey #syrianhacker I have a lawyer, and I know how to use him. #
  • Fugitive linked to ecoterrorist firebomb arrested http://bit.ly/nqmaeX Just another peace-loving tree hugging liberal, right? #
  • I still draw more traffic to my site than the Syrian hacker. #egoboost #
  • So while I've been dealing with Middle East hacker terrorism, anything happen at the #Waukesha Common Council meeting? #
  • I blame Obama for my site being hacked. If he had picked a fight with Syria instead of Libya, my hacker would probably be toast by now. #
  • Well, I guess this is progress. Now my site is down completely. #
  • Nope. Back to being hacked by the Syrian hacker. Anyone have the phone number for Seal Team 6? #
  • Wow. That last threat did it. The Wigderson Library & Pub is back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets. Take that, Syrian hacker. #
  • Actually, I think my site was taken down by angry pitbull owners and the middle east connection was just a smokescreen. #Wiggyblogtruther #
  • New blog post: Hacked: As some of you may have noticed last night, for about six hours this was all you could se… http://bit.ly/re8zOx #
  • New blog post: Expect Luther to play well in Peoria: Expect Luther to play well in Peoria Can mayor and council … http://bit.ly/ocbXkZ #
  • New blog post: Lost in translation: Thanks to Burr Deming (who has excellent taste in blogs) for bringing this t… http://bit.ly/pz7nsl #
  • New blog post: I side with the neighbors: If this dog is allowed to return to the neighborhood, it’s time for th… http://bit.ly/nnvW4T #
  • New blog post: The Martin Burger: Brian Schimming posted this on Facebook and it’s too good not to share with everyone. http://bit.ly/ogAfq0 #
  • New blog post: Proposed new state assembly districts in Waukesha area promise lots of fireworks: The Republican … http://bit.ly/olcgfE #
  • New blog post: More from the Nygren goof-up: As we continue our tour through the proposed redistricting map for … http://bit.ly/o5zQwG #
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