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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24


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  • Rough day. @Carbonite completely crashed my Mac & car is in the shop. Will reinstall Mac O/S & hope everything survives. Car needs brakes. #
  • Just got estimate on car repairs, and @carbonite still has my computer down. Too early to drink? #
  • Trying @carbonite phone support without success. Can't get them on the phone. #
  • Walker delivers on Packers bet, without Illinois governor Quinn says he'll make trip "soon." Really? It's July. #
  • JS Forgets the Obvious Reverse Question #
  • I'm at the Apple Store where the hard drive had to be erased thanks to @carbonite. Now I get to test the back up. How ironic. #
  • Not happy about spending most of last 24 hrs dealing with @carbonite problem. Should send bill for lost writing time. #
  • On the other hand, Apple customer support pretty good. #
  • "Wastin' away again at the Apple Store. Trying to rescue a lost hard drive. Some people claim a woman's to blame. But I know it's @carbonite #
  • New blog post: Wigderson and his critics again: I’m behind in posting links to my work for the MacIver Institute… #
  • New blog post: A healthy candidate, please: If this Daily Caller story is correct then I don’t think Congressman… #
  • Thirteen minutes until my wife's debut speaking at the city council meeting. Tune in to TV 25 to catch it. #
  • Apparently the Common Council is more interested in the city getting some award. They've delayed public comments and the Lovely Doreen. #
  • I think it's ironic they're doing a Flight for Life presentation the same night my wife is speaking against the proposed Pitbull ordinance. #
  • Shhh. The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha is speaking. #
  • Okay, now it's Pauline Wigderson's turn. Everybody pay attention. #
  • Great job ladies on making the case that the owners should be accountable for their dogs' behavior, not entire breeds of dogs. #
  • By the way, standing at the microphone at a Common Council meeting and speaking is harder than it looks. #
  • Waukesha Mayoral shoe report. He may not wear Crocs, but apparently they're cheap. #
  • Really? That's all the people willing to speak in defense of the golf course? Does that mean we can dig the rest of it and plant trees? #
  • Waukesha Common Council discussing redistricting. Where is Steve Edlund's angry mob? #
  • By the way, if you don't think Alderman is a sucky job, you should sit through more meetings like tonight's meeting. #
  • Alderman Skinner was supposed to refer a vicious dog ordinance that wasn't breed specific to committee. What the hell happened? #
  • Nothing exciting at tonight's Common Council meeting. Now searching for Waukesha Freeman column topic. #
  • BTW, not one of the Common Council redistricting plans are for seven aldermen. #
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  • Bachmann Guard Accosts Reporter After Migraine Questions | Swampland via @time #
  • I ate a salad once. Almost killed me. Had tuna salad for lunch & killed a dolphin. Had an Asian salad the other day. No Asian in it. #
  • I was going to fix more of the mess @carbonite did to my computer but I'm just too tired. BTW I have to re-download all my books for Kindle. #
  • I had a Cobb salad. Mean SOB, kinda tasted like turkey. #
  • A state senator I criticized offered to buy me a Caesar Salad for lunch once. I got really nervous. #
  • True story: my wife & I asked everyone after the wedding how they liked the salad. They all loved it. We didn't have a salad at our dinner. #
  • Salad: proving bacon and cheese can improve almost anything, even lettuce. #
  • Salad: The best salad I ever had was in a Bloody Mary. #
  • A pre-dinner salad is usually the olives in my martini. #
  • Sucky toys in the kids meals at the Mayfair Mall food court. Just sayin'. I had the salad. #
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  • We've got the unofficial neighborhood watch going. Someone tried to TP my yard last night. They got interrupted by a neighbor. #
  • Not sure which mayoral supporter tried to TP my house last night (have suspicion) but installing a camera & light system now. What a pain. #
  • Good news: TP incident means I'm going to make @WaukeshaFreeman police report. Bad news, extra patrol = no overnight parking on street. #
  • Memo to Waukesha Police: I never liked Darryl Enriquez. If you catch someone TP'ing my yard use excessive force all you want. (just kidding) #
  • I got asked by the cops who would want to TP my yard. "Well, I do write for the newspaper. I suppose there's a list." #
  • My neighbor across the street has already offered to "physically detain" anyone he catches. I think he meant with a sledgehammer. #
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