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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31: New … http://bit.ly/nBgFFa #
  • New blog post: On to the next round: Just got back from camp to see the news that Republicans held onto the Stat… http://bit.ly/rsT4K5 #
  • The Recall Flaw – 620 WTMJ – @sykescharlie http://t.co/rMV5un4 #
  • New blog post: Not a bad prediction: From my Waukesha Freeman column on July 21st: In the case of the six Republ… http://bit.ly/rjwAND #
  • New blog post: Scott Walker talks to the MacIver Institute about last night’s results: http://bit.ly/pjHjrj #
  • New blog post: Will the Democrats apologize: Wisconsin Democratic party spokesman Graeme Zielinski accused Wauke… http://bit.ly/oBv0fp #
  • New blog post: Is it an anger management support group?: There’s a new group on Facebook, “Angry Progressive Net… http://bit.ly/nsUVOG #
  • New blog post: So, where was I?: Lest any rumors start about my disappearance the last few days, I was at a Webe… http://bit.ly/ojVKj2 #
  • New blog post: The worst part about the first round of the recall elections ending: The Google ads on my site ar… http://bit.ly/p7NF4a #
  • New blog post: Democrats won, right?: From Mother Jones, After the Wisconsin Recalls: What’s Next? No amount of … http://bit.ly/q46zKM #
  • New blog post: Jon Stewart on the Wisconsin recall elections: The Daily Show Thanks to Tim Cuprisin for pointing… http://bit.ly/r3NBeQ #
  • New blog post: Could be worse. Could be a Supreme Court election: Not sure yet where the goof-up came from but O… http://bit.ly/pg9eh6 #
  • Still waiting for 1 Democratic official to condemn @gjzielinski & Mike Tate's tirades on election night. Any Waukesha Dems want to speak up? #
  • New blog post: The search for the next Luther and the truth: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 11,… http://bit.ly/oVreY9 #
  • New blog post: Update on the Tate and Zielinski meltdowns: As you may recall (no pun intended) both the Democrat… http://bit.ly/ooz6tQ #
  • I can't bring myself to giving a damn about the Ames IA debate tonight. I don't live in Iowa. #
  • Why do Siberian Huskies destroy toilet paper? #
  • Did Sandy Pasch flee the state to avoid prosecution? http://t.co/PUJbhH7 #
  • Is Tim Pawlenty the candidate of "The Grass Is Too Damn High" party? #
  • New blog post: Lawnmower man: (click if you missed the debate) http://t.co/eXekkxI #
  • New blog post: Who won the presidential debate Thursday night?: The research department at the Wigderson Institu… http://t.co/vlrJZ4W #
  • Waiting for Claudette Colbert movies to continue on TCM. Nice to have an evening with old movies #
  • Sooner or later I have to read the newspaper this morning. Anything I want to read? #
  • New blog post: You can’t beat a train: If this kid is lucky, someday he’ll be able to tell the story of how he w… http://t.co/TtYhlh6 #
  • New blog post: Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock: Today is the Alfred Hitchcock’s 112th birthday. Which film will … http://t.co/CwGXqyV #
  • New blog post: James Wigderson and his critics: From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: James Wigderson … http://t.co/sR8zm9j #
  • Has anyone tried tracking Amelia Earhart's last known route to try to find Sandy Pasch? #
  • Is jazz the best background music for writing? #
  • Twitter is telling me that I need more followers to follow more people. Apparently a rough 3:4 ratio isn't good enough. So tell your friends #
  • Apparently Tim Pawlenty should have put the Wisconsin Democrats in charge of his catering. http://t.co/PsxFPb7 #
  • New blog post: Another peaceful protestor in Madison: This one decides to attack blogger Ann Althouse for no app… http://t.co/npE5VI8 #
  • Busy today. Couple more open records requests to write, a note to the attorney I'm consulting, a column for MacIver, couple of other things. #
  • The dog and I are both eating carrots as a snack. It's a cruel, cruel world. #
  • Ten open records request done, about three to go. I haven't been this annoying since last time Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. #
  • New blog post: Pit Bull mauls pregnant woman to death: From ABC News: A pit bull attacked and killed his pregnan… http://t.co/mwwgvel #
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