Friday, November 24th, 2017

Two more years


The Vodkapundit is back and blogging the State of the Union address.

Overall tonight’s SOTU was Bush’s best. I’ve been (more or less) drunkblogging these things for five years now, and they’ve almost always left a bad taste in my mouth. One, I’m happy to say, easily remedied by another sip or two of vodka. However, Bush’s best SOTU will also prove his least effective. The best he can hope for out of the new Congress is that the Blue Dog Dems help him maintain our tax cuts. Other than that, this Presidency is domestically done.

I think the real impact of the Bush presidency domestically will be on the judiciary. Fortunately for Bush, his own party revolted against the Miers nomination, keeping that legacy secure. But so much of the Bush tenure in office has been one long spending binge and some big conservative ideas with little movement, especially social security reform.

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