Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Um, coach, didn’t we win?


Judging by the post-game press conference, it’s going to be a long two weeks in Dallas. Parcells said he was sick to his stomach over the dropped passes and penalties.

By the way, the Cowboys beat their rivals, the Washington Redskins, by a score of 27-10. The score was closer than the actual game, especially in the 2nd half when Dallas just dominated the line of scrimmage. The Redskins only touchdown came on a 100 yard kickoff return which was clearly the result of a blown lane assignment (the only one in front of the return man was the kicker). The death blow was dealt to the Redskins when they recovered a Julius Jones football only for Brunell to throw an interception on the ensuing drive. The Cowboys took possession on their own one yard line and drove the length of the field for a touchdown.

The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is, of course, one of the greatest rivalries in sports and the best in the NFL. Last night’s game demonstrated once again the animosity between these two franchises, as there were definitely a few penalties on both sides because of over aggressive play.

Now the bad news. Terrell Owens broke a finger last night, probably keeping him out 2-4 weeks. The good news, next week is a bye week, then they travel to Tennessee (a road bye week), before they go onto Philadelphia. I imagine Owens will do everything he can to make that trip.

Meanwhile, expect all heck to break loose in Washington D.C. as Dan Snyder looks at an 0-2 team, the worst start since 2001.

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