Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Unfortunately, more graffiti overnight


The police are the target of a graffiti vandal in downtown Waukesha. The other night it was “R.I.P. W.P.D.” Last night more anti-police graffiti was spray painted on buildings near the river at the site of the farmers’ market.

Graffiti is much more dangerous to a community than just the temporary damage it does to a building. It invites more graffiti and eventually leads to other problems as people sense decline of a neighborhood or business district.

It’s important that graffiti be cleaned up right away. That’s why some business districts in other communities (including Milwaukee) make it such a priority that they even dedicate funds to cleaning it up as quickly as possible, something the Waukesha Business Improvement District should seriously consider.

The police will need to make this a priority if they hope to catch the vandals. My hope is that they will considering they are the targets of the messages.

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