Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Update on Scrima’s appointments


Last night the Common Council put the mayor’s appointments for the Landmarks Commission on hold, not rejected as I reported before. Brian Running withdrew his name. The other two appointees were James Healy and Adam Neylon.

Brian Running withdrew his name. James Healy and Adam Neylon were placed on hold by the Common Council. Click to enlarge.

Adam Neylon works for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, was the Republican Party of Waukesha County youth coordinator, and is a former second baseman for Carroll University.

Jim Healy works worked for State Representative Pat Strachota and is a former candidate for Alderman in the fifth district against Alderman Paul Ybarra, the council president. Healy’s campaign ruffled a few feathers over Waukesha’s sex offender residence ordinance. He might have further upset a few people when he commented on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website regarding the meeting between a few aldermen and members of the Milwaukee Common Council.

(Note: Representative Strachota’s office contacted me today to say he stopped working for them at the end of  April to take a position with the Village of Richfield. – JW 7/1/10)

Doc – May 14, 2010 7:40 PM»
Two of the aforementioned aldermen seriously considered running for mayor. Don’t they remember that they didn’t run and didn’t win. Francoeur and Ybarra barely got 1,000 votes between the two of them. Jeff Scrima got 6,200 votes. Hellooo, you two! Who do you think you are? How about a recall. Is Healy still around?

JHealy – May 14, 2010 8:42 PM»
Absolutely I am still around. This is the EXACT type of politics I was trying to advocate against, one that strictly pushes for specific agendas without the best interests of Waukesha in mind. How unfortunate.

Yeah, I always stick my neck out when people start talking recalls. Truthfully, I wonder what the heck Scrima was thinking with this appointment. I know Healy wants to serve, but it’s not as if appointing Healy isn’t going to be seen as anything but a stick in the eye to Ybarra. After how Scrima’s term in office began with the council moving ahead with Nelson’s appointments over Scrima’s objections, you would think Scrima would have learned his lesson about how this works.

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