Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Update on the Crandon killings


The Wisconsin State Journal reports the final report may be released next week.

Even though the former deputy, Tyler Peterson, killed himself hours after committing the murders, state and local officials have still not released the state’s investigative report on the matter.

Van Hollen has said Peterson shot himself three times in the head and also was shot by a SWAT team member.

The department’s investigative file has been provided to Forest County District Attorney Leon Stenz for review and won’t be made public until Stenz makes a decision on whether any charges are warranted in the case, said Kevin St. John, a spokesman for Van Hollen.

With the killer dead, it’s not clear who might be the subject of any charges or what might be the nature of any wrongdoing.

Stenz said his review is nearly finished and said the investigative file may be released as early as next week.

The Wisconsin State Journal had no further information on the suspension of Carolyn Kelly, director of the special assignments bureau and the state fire marshal.

Van Hollen said he wasn’t aware of any criminal probe involving Kelly and wouldn’t say if the suspension was related to the state’s investigation of the October murders of six young people in Crandon by an off-duty Forest County sheriff’s deputy, and the deputy’s subsequent suicide.

Because the shootings involved a member of local law enforcement, the bureau Kelly runs was asked within hours of the murders to send agents to the scene. She was one of the officials who reviewed the incident.

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