Thursday, January 17th, 2019

UWM paperless Post


The UWM Post, alternatively known as the UWM Pest or the Junior Crazy Shepherd in my misspent youth at UW-Milwaukee, is now without the ink and paper.

The UWM Post, which has existed in print for 56 years, put out its final paper edition this week. Starting next semester, the Post will be exclusively online at

“No amount of money saving or money-generating suggestions or well wishes could save us from this fate,” said a front-page editorial in the last issue dated Nov. 26.

The newspaper, by it’s own admission, has fallen on self-inflicted hard times.

I admit mixed emotions. On the one hand, when I was a student we were the upstart (and upstairs) rival, The UWM Times, my first exposure to writing anything beyond a term paper. We were unpopular enough with the administration that they actually told the founders that they could not use UWM in the title. The newspaper’s founders pointed to the UWM Post and said as long as they had UWM in their masthead, so would we.

They were the liberal newspaper on campus (at times, unapologetically so) and we were the conservative newspaper. These were the heady days when conservative student newspapers were a new phenomena. (The Badger Herald had it’s birth in this era as a conservative newspaper, if I recall correctly.)

The rivalry was relatively civil, and some of the rival staff members would even enjoy a pitcher or more of Leinenkugel beer together down in the Gasthaus. My cousin wrote for the Post, and now she’s a published author. My friend Michael Mathias was the editor and probably developed his coffee addiction there. My friend Jessica McBride is now a tenured lecturer at UW-Milwaukee and writes freelance. She had her start at the Post, too, and even interviewed me (although she doesn’t remember it) regarding a minor journalistic prank I pulled. (I proved the hard way someone could vote more than once in a student election rather easily.)

The UWM Times faded long ago, and now the print edition of the UWM Post follows, teaching UWM journalism students one more lesson.

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