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The Waukesha Revolution!

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Christine Lufter
Telephone: 262.547.8715
Cell: 262.271.4172

(April 6, 2006) Waukesha Taxpayer League (WTL) President Christine Lufter released the following statement today regarding reports that the Waukesha County Board will reconsider reducing its number from 35 to 25, in an effort to stop the progress of the WTL’s petition drive to reduce the board to 11 members:

“The Waukesha County Board had their chance to take action on reducing their size at their previous meeting on March 28, and voted against reducing the board to either 19 or 25. This week, citizens ousted two of the most vocal opponents of reducing the size of the board. It appears that the lame duck County Board is poised again to attempt to remove the decision from the hands of the voters.”

Lufter also commented, “The County Board has been trying for weeks to impose an unfair and arbitrary deadline on the WTL to file the required signatures, rather than giving our group the 60 days allowed by law. But the good news is that we are almost to our goal, and with a big push this weekend we can get all required signatures turned in prior to the County Board meeting on Tuesday. Ironically, the low voter turnout, driven primarily by uncontested races, in this week’s County Board elections has resulted in the WTL needing to reach the lower threshold of approximately 8200 signatures, as opposed to the approximately 10,700 signatures based on the 2004 elections.”

To volunteer to circulate petitions, interested citizens are encouraged to visit the WTL website at, where they can download the petition form and find instructions on where to return the completed forms.

Those that have completed petitions, please mail no later than Friday to WTL PO Box 1991 Waukesha, WI 53187-1991.

The WTL will be at the park and rides on Sunday, April 9th from 4-5 p.m. to collect petitions and for people to sign petitions. The park and rides are:

I94 & Hwy G
16 & 83
164 & 143
Gehrke’s Corners (I94 & Hwy 18)

If unable to drop petitions at the park and ride, please check our website for other drop locations and times. If unable to drop them off, please contact us so that we may pick them up. Email: Phone: 262 547 8715

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