Friday, November 24th, 2017

Vote buying? My vote was bought and I wasn’t even a delegate


Former Republican candidate for Senate Terrence Wall has accused current candidate Ron Johnson of buying the votes at the Republican convention that endorsed Johnson. I don’t know if Johnson was “buying” votes. I do know that “buying” the votes of convention delegates for the party endorsement is not illegal.

If it was, Terrence Wall would be doing 10-20 years right now in little GAB prison.

On Saturday morning I went to the convention to interview the candidates for Senate for the MacIver Institute. If anyone has the right to complain about the endless delays in the Senate endorsement vote, it would be me. What should have taken a couple of hours lasted all day.

Thanks goodness I had the Wall campaign there to take care of me with doughnuts, bottled water, coffee, more coffee, and more bottled water. Terrence Wall even gave away free ice cream.

I think if I asked the Wall people, they could have even tracked down my press credentials.

From the Johnson campaign I got a neat 3-d card. Gee, thanks Ron.

As for the allegation that the Senate vote was deliberately delayed, maybe Wall was missing what a good time the delegates were having voting on the endorsement for lieutenant governor. They were having a good time, even if Wall wasn’t.

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