Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Vote for your favorite MacIver video


The MacIver Institute is asking you to vote for your favorite MacIver video of 2012.

Vote now, and the top five will be revealed just before Christmas. To vote, post your choice onMacIver’s Facebook page, Tweet to @MacIverWisc using the hash-tag #MacIver2012 or send an email to

1. Madison, Wisconsin Music Video

2. The Day After the Recall

3. Union Protest in Michigan Devolves into Anarchy

4. Socialists Protest MacIver

5. Did Capitol Police Cut Secret Deal?

6. Constituents Rip Senator Jauch on Mining

7. Suspects Skirt Police Distracted by Protests

8. Union Boss Rips School Choice

9. Another Subsidized Green Energy Failure

10. Mine Shaft

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