Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Wacky WiggySha update


It must be the radium in the water that makes us all crazy.

In addition to Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel looking into the matter of city of Waukesha Alderman Roger Patton deleting his emails, city of Waukesha Attorney Curt Meitz told me on Tuesday that he planned to speak to Patton. I believe Meitz’s exact words were, “Oh my god,” but I didn’t have my notebook with me.

Meitz told me that every alderman is given a handbook about Wisconsin’s open records law and is spoken to about the necessary requirements of being the custodian for those records. Meitz said he makes it clear that email records include those kept on a personal computer and those from a personal email account. In fact, he is expected to provide a reminder to the member of Mayor Jeff Scrima’s downtown task force that they, too, are subject to the open records requirement.

(Yeah, that ought to be interesting.)

Later yesterday afternoon Alderman Patton left me a voice mail saying that someone was coming to his house on Thursday to attempt to recover all the emails he had regarding the GuitarTown Project, per my open records request. My advice to any of Patton’s constituents is to send over any requests they might have for Patton before Thursday morning so whomever is helping Patton find the GuitarTown emails can find the other emails as well. So if you’re curious about Patton’s obsession with angle parking or whatever, better ask now.

* * * * * *

Speaking of the Downtown Task Force meeting Wednesday night, what is going on over at Taylor’s People’s Park? They’re posting on their Facebook page as if the Task Force doesn’t do exactly what Jim Taylor wants Wednesday night the barbarians are going to put his place to the torch (again).

Too Kool “Peace on Main” has the first posting that was eventually taken down after a couple of other people tried to correct the record (their comments were deleted).

Now Taylor has posted,

Ok folks WE NEED YOU!!! Please join us WEDNESDAY Feb 29th @ 6:30 PM to speak on behalf of DOWNTOWN WAUKESHA…..People who enjoy Freeman Friday Nite Live and other great DOWNTOWN WAUKESHA EVENTS are encouraged to attend this very important meeting @ City Hall 201 Delafield St.

The Mayor has verifed that public comment WILL BE ALLOWED on items as they are disscussed…So PLEASE come and support open communcation and be a part of the solutions….Thanks for your support….

Yeah, it looks like the digital version of cutting the letters out of a newspaper for a ransom note.

I don’t know if Mayor Jeff Scrima is behind the scenes whipping up the hysteria hoping that a mob carrying pitchforks and torches will carry all his enemies away. Freeman Friday Night Live is not in danger unless the organizers themselves go crazy and demand open carry alcohol everywhere downtown and having the streets closed twice a week. It’s popular, it’s successful, and it will remain so until either the novelty wears off or if crime becomes an issue.

Instead of encouraging reasoned, thoughtful discussion downtown, there are people who are indulging paranoia. Mayor Jeff Scrima sees it as a potential star chamber for ridding himself of troublesome critics. Not sure what benefit Taylor sees in whipping up the hysteria, but it isn’t for the good of downtown or Waukesha. Taylor should behave like a business owner instead of Inspector Kemp leading a riot.

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