Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Wait, old people, come back


Congratulations Wisconsin, you made another bottom ten list. This time, Wisconsin is on the list of the ten worst states for retirement.

My first reaction was that I didn’t know states could retire. If anything, I would have thought Massachusetts would have retired first.

But it turns out they meant that, if you have a choice of places where you can retire, Wisconsin should be near the bottom of the list.

Of the 40 largest cities in the United States, Milwaukee has the coldest winter weather, based on normal daily temperatures, according to Current Results, a website that tracks weather trends. The lakeside Wisconsin city’s daily winter mean temperature is 24.1 degrees Fahrenheit. But fellow Great Lakes metropolis Cleveland is the fourth-coldest U.S. city, with a daily winter mean temperature that’s not much higher at 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wisconsin, as noted, is doubly cursed in these rankings as a high-tax state with cold weather. Plus, it has high property taxes. The only good news, at least for those to whom it applies, is that the Badger State doesn’t tax military pensions.

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