Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Waiting for Grothman


Charlie Sykes of WTMJ AM spoke with Glenn Grothman this morning, and Grothman is still undecided about jumping in the race. Grothman also talks about his non-decision on WISN this morning.

Hey, he has to run! I read it on the internet! It must be true!

Nomination petitions are circulating even as I type. What is probably happening is that Grothman will make a last minute decision, just like when he took on and defeated Mary Panzer in a primary for the seat he holds now.

Meanwhile, Grumps at the Happy Circumstance worries about the effect of a Grothman candidacy on the other Green team:

This can’t be good for Rae Vogeler. Voters like me who might have used the free pass to send a message will now fall back into the Kohl camp to send that message to the RPW instead.

Rae Vogeler is the Green Party candidate for US Senate.

So, let’s see. That’s Gerald Lorge, Rae Vogeler, Glenn Grothman, Ben Masel. That many candidates can’t be wrong. Senator Kohl must be vulnerable, right?

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