Monday, November 20th, 2017

Walgreens update


I was hoping for an update in the Waukesha Freeman this morning, but I did not see one. As the Freeman reported, the Town of Waukesha’s planning committe did vote in favor of changing the plan for the five properties to allow the Walgreens to be built. However, the Town Board did not. Steve Smart did abstain as expected. Robert Tallinger Sr and Everett German are split. The decision has been postponed a couple of weeks as a result.

German is seeking an agreement with Walgreens that they would not petition the City of Waukesha for annexation for a specific period of time. He also wants the plan to be amended so the remaining part of the subdivision would have to be re-zoned in it’s entirety rather than piecemeal.

The Town Board has to approve the plan change before Waukesha County can consider it in January.

Mayor Nelson told me on Friday that his understanding was that the city really is not interested in annexing that property if petitioned or having a Walgreens at that location. He also reminded me that the vacant Kohl’s grocery store across the street is actually within the Town of Waukesha. (Has anyone thought of luring a Fresh Market there?)

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